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UFO Hunters Use Security Cameras And Cams To Find UFOs, Learn How To Do It

Here the person talks about how UFO hunters have a new tool. Actually its an old tool and I have been using for over two years now. On line live cams are very useful for catching UFOs half way around the world, says Scott C. Waring, author of UFO Sightings Daily

You can switch from cam to cam allowing you to be in hundreds of places in just a few minutes time. I have caught UFOs on dozens of cams including the old launch pad of the space shuttle at NASA…lots of orbs around the shuttle during lift off, adds  Waring.

Date of sighting: July 2013
Location of sighting: Argentina

At MUFON’s 2013 annual symposium and top 10 UFO cases of 2012.

At MUFON’s 2013 annual symposium they handed the press a press release outlining the top 10 UFO cases of 2012 as determined by their newly formed science review board. MUFON’s science review board is headed by their director of research Robert Powell. It consists of scientists with degrees in physics, chemistry, geology and electrical engineering. The board’s work experience includes working with NASA and the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, and many leading high-tech companies, such as Lockheed Martin and Northrup Grumman.

Of the 10 cases, one of them is an intriguing UFO video case that took place in Ball Ground, Georgia, a town about 50 miles north of Atlanta. The witness says “We saw a black, bird like shaped object that made no noise along with blinking lights in the sky.”

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