woensdag 7 augustus 2013

True of false? Videos: Chinese Tourists Film Bigfoot In Canada, Hikers Catch Sasquatch On Video In British Columbia

Two new alleged Bigfoot videos are currently spreading almost virally on the Internet. The website Play Mobility asked people to send them their Bigfoot footage.
While the first video shows a group of Chinese tourists who are watching and filming an alleged Bigfoot at close quarters, the second video is a Bigfoot from a distance and is said to have been filmed by hikers in the forests of British Columbia.

This tourist was visiting Mission, BC, Canada. Someone in the group witnessed something large moving in the woods. Those that didn’t run away stayed to get a better look, many photos and videos were taken before the large hairy biped ran towards the group then away.
This is one of the videos they captured that definitely looks like evidence that there is a real live Sasquatch, or Bigfoot, in the hills of Mission BC. It’s a must see!

The site reports “After putting out a request for sightings of Legends, we’ve narrowed down the submissions to two, this is one of them.”
A couple were hiking on a logging road above one of the lakes in Mission, BC, when taking photos of the scenic views they spotted something moving. Even though they were a fair distance away they were still able to zoom in enough to see something standing upright. Bear? Man? Something else?

Legend Tracker says “We are on the lookout for more of what you’ve seen. If you have video or pictures of legends that you think are worth posting… please send them to us, info@legendtracker.com.”

Source: http://beforeitsnews.com/beyond-science/2013/08/videos-chinese-tourists-film-bigfoot-in-canada-hikers-catch-sasquatch-on-video-in-british-columbia-2442998.html

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