woensdag 16 oktober 2013

Secret Government Warehouses Exposed! What They Found Will Alarm You! (Video)

We know that since the beginning of ‘government’ there have been secrets–from big secrets, to little secrets–things the government does not want us to know about. Finally, we are taken inside the secret government warehouse to see just what lies inside. Are you ready to find out?

UFO Conspiracy of the Highest Echelon

(Commentary begins at 1:55 seconds)

Absolutely amazing dialogue and NASA footage! If you’re interested in UFO’s and the unknown, this is for you! A must-see!

Video Desc:
This video examines a possible conspiracy regarding UFO contact and government collusion at the highest levels. The presentation includes stunning NASA footage of orbital and lunar alien encounters, interviews with physicists and defense ministers, and even mysterious comments by Buzz Aldrin himself concerning a monolith found on the Martian moon. The generation now alive is “privileged” to see the greatest transition in the history of the human race — to a Planetary Type 1 civilization.
All lunar and orbital footage is public domain material and can be found at the NASA, JPL, JSC archives, including:

NASA Mission Transcripts:

NASA Past Mission Image Archives:

Alien Conspiracy – UFOs, Disasters, and Ubiquity

A collection of news clips and sightings, from interesting to frightening, this video covers a broad spectrum of alien curiosity and wonderment.

YouTube Video Desc:
Scary UFO sightings have recently been filmed near many natural disasters. With efforts by the citizenry – including citizen hearings on ET disclosure and hackers uncovering secret evidence of alien life in NASA and military computer networks – the evidence for an ongoing and clandestine alien conspiracy is mounting.

Footage includes UFO sightings during the devastating Oklahoma tornado, Arizona dust storms, and Hurricane Sandy. Footage also includes a UFO appearing on a live news broadcast, recent strange sky glow phenomena, as well as UFOs captured on military night vision cameras. With the appearance of UFOs near recent catastrophic events – is it possible the alien conspiracy and disasters are somehow connected to a common goal? Or at the very least, does recent evidence indicate a nearly ubiquitous presence among us?


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