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12,000 Years Old Ancient Stone Constructions In Peru

Evidence Of Ancient Stone Constructions 12,000 Years Old In Peru? The stone pyramids on the sites are thought to be contemporary to the great pyramids of Giza. Unusually among Andean cities, no evidence of fortifications, or of other signs of warfare, have yet been found in the Norte Chico. The oldest known civilization in South America, as well as in the Western Hemisphere as a whole, the Norte Chico civilization - c. 3200 BC – 1800 BC – comprised several interconnected settlements on the Peruvian coast, including the urban centers at Aspero and Caral. 

Ancient Cultures in Peruvian History Time Line
Credit: Perulero
This massive-stone phenomenon is of course found all over the world, e. g. Stonehenge, Baalbek, Egypt and also in some of the recent underwater Atlantean discoveries. It shows a worldwide massive megalithic culture reflecting amazing powers of organization, precision, perseverance, mathematics, astronomy of our ancient people.

Source: http://beforeitsnews.com/paranormal/2014/03/12000-years-old-ancient-stone-constructions-in-peru-2465110.html

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