maandag 10 maart 2014

Black Knight Satellite Spotted & Captured On Video!

Conspiracy theory forums are going crazy over what appears to be the mysterious ‘black knight satellite’ which has recently been spotted in the video below. Does the video below show the mysterious ‘black knight’ of conspiracy theory lore? The 2nd video below examines the ‘black knight satellite’ in MUCH more detail. Interestingly enough, the Black Knight satellite legend started with Nicola Tesla.

It’s said that he picked up a repeating radio signal in 1899, that he believed was coming from space, and said so publicly at a conference. In the 1920s, amateur HAM radio operators were able to receive this same signal. Next, scientists in Oslo, Norway experimenting with short wave transmissions into space in 1928, began picking up Long Delay Echoes (LDEs), a not fully understood phenomenon in which they received echoes several seconds after transmission. The apparent explanation finally came in 1954 when newspapers (including the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the San Francisco Examiner) reported an announcement from the US Air Force that two satellites were found to be orbiting the Earth, at a time when no nation yet had the ability to launch them. It appeared that Black Knight had been detected by multiple lines of evidence, and was confirmed by the US Air Force.

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