zondag 2 maart 2014

China, Russia Send Aircraft Carriers To Venezuela

Russia & China send aircraft carrier to the coast of Venezuela The Russian aircraft carrier “Alexander Kuznetsov “heads to the coast of Venezuela, in theory, for military exercises With the Bolivarian Navy.  
Moreover, According to some sources, the Chinese aircraft carrier “Shilang -07″ escorted by warships, Also in September to change its course towards Caribbean waters and engage the Russian aircraft, to-sources-According To support  Venezuela from a possible U.S. military intervention.
“The smear campaign and incitement to violent antigovernment actions must stop, “the Russian Foreign Ministry said. The stress does not subside in Venezuela after holding two weeks of protests in behalf and against the administration of President Maduro, taking the life of many Demonstrators and Govt. supporters. guild On Monday the Venezuelan motorcyclists have staged a caravan in support of President Nicolas Maduro. Meanwhile, anti-government groups up barricades and burn garbage in protest. 
I cannot confirm this and this is the only source I can find for the moment but the Russians do have a missile boat/Corvette docked in Havana, Cuba unannounced.  From Russia’s Point of view I can understand this move, but China?  So I would take this information with skepticism at least until somebody else can confirm this.

Source: http://beforeitsnews.com/alternative/2014/02/china-russia-send-aircraft-carriers-to-venezuela-2909058.html

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