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Daily updates: Pizzagate the hidden human trafficking network exposed by the Podesta e-mails from wikileaks

These are the e-mails on Wikileaks with strange texts about pizza, handkerchiefs and other pedofilia related code words:

Need a full summary of the Pizzagate case?
Also see:

The meaning of code words are in this article:

“hotdog” = boy
“pizza” = girl
“cheese” = little girl
“pasta” = little boy
“ice cream” = male prostitute
“walnut” = person of colour
“map” = semen
“sauce” = orgy

This is an image taken of Tor this is just related to code words not to Pizzagate.

I want to stress that we now, december 2016, must focus on the big picture! That is a international pedophilia ring of grand scale. That said it all started at the busineses of James Achilles Alefantis, thru the Podesta e-mail leaks. So it is logical the story starts at the busineses of James Achilles Alefantis and because the breadcrum trail started there people have focussed a lot on these places and the contacts, pictures and other things found on social media on the accounts of Besta, Comet and Alefantis and his strange contacts. We must not forget the big link between James Achilles Alefantis and the power brokers in Washington. This alone is a big pointer and should't be dismissed as unimportant!


Logo's are the way you can advertise what you stand for like Besta Pizza, Comet Ping Pong

FBI logo analysis                     Besta Pizza(logo is now changed...)  Comet ping pong
pedosymbolsimage1 cometpedo

Before and after the Pizzagate incident broke. A smoking gun!

A login exists on the site Comet Ping Pong what could we find behind this authorisation?

By now a lot of information on popular forums and sites have been deleted. Censoring is taking place on Reddit,Twitter, Youtube and a lot of other sites:

This means the public is on to something big and the coverup is in full swing. A lot of researchers are diverting to alternative social media sites so the information will be accesible. Also the Washinton Post has tried to stop the rumors by posting a article saying there is nothing wrong with these places and we must stop with researching.

This image is created long before the case broke coincidence? I think not! 

FBI tweets mysteriously about pizzagate. Do we have a government truth warrior? 

Anonymous hacks Comet ping pong finds new links
Comment on youtube below this video:

Buck's Fishing and Camping( is interesting. Copyright 2009 by "Big Cheese". Buck was the name of a character in Kill Bill. He was the male nurse who repeatedly raped Beatrix while she was in a coma, in addition to selling her "services" to male clients. He was known as "Buck who likes to fcuk". He also owned the "Pu$$ywagon", the tricked-out truck the Beatrix stole after she woke up from her coma.

There are more places found everyday look at Voodoo Donuts:


Whats up with this?

These are some articles about the #pizzagate that can give you an idea of the scale:

Dutreux and Savile
There is a clear link between the cases of Dutreux and Savile ijn Europe. In these cases the witnisses recall a lot of important(TV stars, politicians, CEO's, priests, royalty etc.) people who where involved in the abuse. 

Attack on truth movement
The attack on pizzagate is in full swing. Now a gunman is involved trying to get answers in Comet ping pong. This may well be a false flag shadow goverment op trying to push the flase news narrative. It also could be a worried person trying to get answers the hard way. My bet is the first option! 

And there is the link between the Podesta's and the disappearance of Madeleine McCann

The art and artists linked to John and Tony Podesta's and James Achilles Alefantis, seriously sickening! 


Also see:

Ria Pratt The art below is most probably from a MKULTRA mind controlled person her name is Ria Pratt. She makes these artworks with a different personality. Probably a heavy abused personality because the artwork is REALLY REALLY fucked up!

Joe Biggs kicked out of Infowars
Infowars reporter and Army Veteran Joe Biggs – known for his over the top investigative journalism and hard hitting #pizzagate youtube videos – was just fired for unknown reasons, and Infowars has deleted some or all of Biggs’ #pizza related content from their video archive. People have no clue what he did, as neither @Rambobiggs nor Infowars has commented on specifics. Biggs has made several tweets and posts which he’s deleted in the last few hours:
Biggs then asked (in another deleted tweet):


The possible link with fostercare(logo analysis)
BREAKTHROUGH - National Adoption & Foster Care PEDO Ring Exposed. (We need Researches on this Now!) #FOSTERGATE PART 2

Youtube video's and documentaries
These are some good video's about the #pizzagate that can give you an idea of the scale and the the specifics. Some researchers have done a excellent job in searching the connection on social media between all the contacts of the owners and of the politicians and others involved.

The below Joe Biggs(grey beard) is put out of action for Infowars for now, Alex Jones chickens out of Pizzagate does he has a possible link or is he affraid to be put out of business?


Strange pedophilia book on Amazon

Secret Pizza Party

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