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Egyptische minister van Oudheden Zahi Hawass eindelijk ontslagen!

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Bekijk op de kaart .AMSTERDAM - Minister Zahi Hawass van Oudheden is een van de Egyptische ministers die zondag het veld heeft moeten ruimen bij een herschikking van het kabinet.

Foto: ANP Dat bevestigt Hawass zelf tegenover Amerikaanse media. Hawass is bekend bij het grote publiek, omdat hij regelmatig - voorzien van een kenmerkende hoed - als deskundige optreedt in tv-programma's over het oude Egypte.

Hawass werd kort voor het aftreden van de Egyptische president Hosni Mubarak minister. Eerder was hij lange tijd directeur van de Egyptische oudheidkundige dienst.

Hij kende als bewindsman een korte maar rumoerige carrière. Kort na de revolutie van februari dreigde hij zelf met opstappen uit protest tegen de plunderingen en vernielingen van musea en archeologische monumenten in het Noord-Afrikaanse land. Enige tijd later werd hij in een zakelijk geschil door een rechter in Caïro tot celstraf veroordeeld, een vonnis dat korte tijd later werd teruggedraaid.

Oud regime
Hawass stond ter discussie vanwege zijn associatie met het oude regime van Mubarak, de president onder wiens bewind hij carrière maakte en het uiteindelijk tot minister bracht.

"Hij was de Mubarak van de oudheden", zegt een Egypte activiste en archeologe tegenover persbureau Associated Press. "Hij gedroeg zich alsof hij Egyptes oudheden bezat, en niet het Egyptische volk."

Het Tahrirplein in Caïro is sinds enkele weken opnieuw toneel van demonstraties door met name jonge Egyptenaren, die vinden dat de omwenteling in het land niet snel genoeg gaat. Ze protesteren onder meer tegen het trage proces tegen Mubarak en zijn getrouwen.

Sinds de omwenteling wordt Egypte geregeerd door een militaire raad, die heeft beloofd later dit jaar verkiezingen te zullen houden. Premier Essam Sharaf, die leiding geeft aan de huidige interim-regering, zegde een week eerder al toe het kabinet te zullen hervormen.

Iets groots gaande op Giza!

Submitted by Kevin Smith on Sat, 07/16/2011 - 10:26

by Kevin Smith

Something big is going on at Giza, and the internet is on fire with speculation about it.
hieroglyph-type markings in newly explored tunnel

The internet is abuzz with the news about new findings in the Great Pyramid on Egypt's Giza Plateau. It has been reported that strange markings have been found inside what many of the news reports have been calling a "secret tunnel".

True to form, the news media is either hyperbolizing, or they just plain got the facts wrong. The tunnel is has not been a secret for a number of years. The secret has been what is in the tunnel, and where it leads.

There is, however, a mystery involved here. The mystery involves some strange hieroglyphic-type markings found inside the tunnel. They are done in red paint, and are found on the floor of the tunnel and on the walls.

Not accessible to the human frame as yet, the tunnel was explored by a robot rover with a camera mounted on it. Using the remote controlled robot, the archeologists were able to determine the tunnel runs for runs for some distance and ends at what appears to be another door. It is one of four known secret tunnels that lead from the "King's Chamber" and the "Queen's Chamber". The purpose of the tunnels is not known.

The first big story in this event is that the hieroglyphic-type markings are yet to be understood. It does seem quite odd that these markings were found in a pyramid that the Egyptologists claim was built by Pharaoh Khufu (an Egyptian), and they can read the hieroglyphs found from his time. Yet, they cannot yet decode these hieroglyphs from inside the very pyramid they say he built. These are symbols that do not apparently fit with the system of writing known to Egyptologists as hieroglyphics. This would seem to raise the possibility that while these markings are a language, they are not Egyptian.

Since the tomb of Osiris was found in a "secret" underground tomb just a few yards from the Great Pyramid (the spot marked by the star Deneb in the Cygnus constellation), is it possible the Great Pyramid was built by the Osiris clan and not by Khufu? If so, is it possible the myths about Osiris and his family (Ra, Isis, Thoth, Set) not being from this planet are true? Perhaps those hieroglyphic-type markings are in the language of Osiris.

The second great mystery in this event is that it comes on the heels of finding the tomb of Osiris in 2010, and the discovery by NASA satellites of a massive collection of buried pyramids on the Giza Plateau.

When the tomb of Osiris was found, several very odd measures were undertaken almost immediately. Dr. Zahi Hawass (Minister of Antiquities) ordered that a wall be constructed around the pyramid complex. This was, ostensibly, to protect the pyramids from being damaged by the public. It has been reported on various internet sites that the U.S. military was there securing the pyramid complex along with Egyptian military.

And then, there is the question of the NASA satellite imaging of the Giza Plateau. Why? It has been done before. We already had pictures from space of the Pyramids. Why now? Why a NASA satellite?

When you line up the discoveries and events, a very interesting picture begins to emerge.

• tomb of Osiris found
• sarcophagus of Osiris opened but no concurrent photos of what is inside
• Dr. Hawass says the sarcophagus was empty
• military called in to secure the site
• Order is given to build a wall around the pyramid complex
• NASA satellite called upon to do high-tech scan of the site
• 17 additional pyramids located in satellite scan
• hieroglyphic-type markings found in pyramid that hieroglyph experts can't read yet

Certainly, this line-up of events gives the appearance that something big--very big--has been discovered at the Giza Plateau. Not only is it something big, it is something of military importance. Not only is it of military importance, it is very secret.

The line-up of events listed above is not theoretical, nor speculative. Those are genuine events. Yet, the internet is filled with speculation about what has been discovered. One theory being touted is that they have found a stargate. Maybe. Maybe not. Critics of the UFO community tend to ridicule all the speculation. But, when all the facts are not on the table then all speculation is valid. In fact, it is inevitable.

Oh, by the way, the name of the robot that took the photo above is Djedi, and the team working with it is the Djedi Team. Djedi is the name of an ancient Egyptian magician in the days of Khufu. The "d" and the "j" are pronounced together making the pronunciation of the word to be JEDI. You remember the JEDI Knights of Star Wars fame, right?

One thing seems to be certain. Something very big is going on at Giza.