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ISON Still Alive And Well, Heading On Its Way Away From The Sun, UFO Sighting News.

Hey guys, check out this gif of ISON heading to the sun. Astronomers around the world swore up and down that ISON was a comet and would either break up and explode before it got to the sun, or melt and disappear. Apparently the SOHO/NASA evidence points to the astronomers as all wrong! Remember NASA says ISON is half a mile wide...this baby is monster size and if its not a comet then holy c#@$! Thats one big ship. SCW

Source: http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2013/11/ison-still-alive-and-well-heading-on.html

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Did Giants Once Live in Giant Buried Cities Across America?


Many newspaper stories in the United States during the 1800s into the early 1900s were sensational, in all sense of the word. The tales are incredible and written in the era when journalism meant whatever sold papers, truth be damned. But the following stories all have to do with giants or underground cities, so they’re worth telling again.
The Arizona Gazette
The Arizona Gazette
The most famous of these reports appeared in the April 5, 1909 edition of The Arizona Gazette, entitled “Explorations in Grand Canyon.” Explorer G.E. Kinkaid discovered a huge underground “citadel” while rafting on the Colorado River. Exploring a tunnel that stretched “nearly a mile underground,” Kinkaid found this citadel, which was filled with tablets carved with some type of hieroglyphics, and home to a stone statue he described as resembling Buddha. Copper weapons lined the walls, but the most intriguing aspect of this ancient dwelling/worship place/tomb, were the mummies, all wrapped in a dark fabric. The mummies were supposedly more than nine-feet-tall. To feed the fire of conspiracy, and to keep anyone from finding the giants of the citadel themselves, the United States government allegedly closed that area of the canyon from public view.
But this well-known story of American giants isn’t alone.
The New York Times reported a nine-foot-tall skeleton of a man discovered in a mound near Maple Creek, Wisconsin, in December 1897. The Times also carried the story “Strange Skeletons Found” near Lake Delevan, Wisconsin, in its May 4, 1912 issue. The skulls of giant skeletons excavated from a mound had “a minute resemblance to the head of the monkey.”
But an April 9, 1885 story in The New York Times entitled: “Missouri’s buried city: A strange discovery in a coalmine near Moberly,” revealed a find that predated the supposed citadel in the Grand Canyon by 24 years. Moberly, the largest city in Randolph County, Missouri, had a population of 6,108 in the 1880s.
Coal miners, sinking a shaft 360 feet deep, broke into a cavern revealing “a wonderful buried city,” the article claimed. Lava arches stretched across the roof of the cavern, looming over the streets of an ancient city “which are regularly laid out and enclosed by walls of stone, which is cut and dressed in a fairly good, although rude style of masonry.”
Workers, along with Moberly city recorder David Coates and Moberly city marshal George Keating, inspected the site and found a 30-by-100-feet hall in the cavern filled with stone benches and hand tools. “Further search disclosed statues and images made of a composition closely resembling bronze, lacking luster,” the article read.
Explorers discovered a stone fountain in a wide court, still pouring “perfectly pure water” into its basin. But it was what lay beside the fountain that interested the people exploring the site. “Lying beside the foundation (of the fountain) were portions of the skeleton of a human being,” according to the article. “The bones of the leg measured, the femur four and one-half feet, the tibia four feet and three inches, showing that when alive the figure was three times the size of an ordinary man, and possessed of a wonderful muscular power and quickness.”
Its skull, the story reported, was shattered; bronze tools, granite hammers, metallic saws and flint knives were scattered all around. “They are not so highly polished, nor so accurately made as those now finished by our best mechanics, but they show skill and an evidence of an advanced civilization that are very wonderful,” according to the article.
Explorers spent twelve hours in the buried city and resurfaced only after the oil in their lamps burned low. “No end to the wonders of the discovery was reached,” the article stated. “A further extended search will be made in a day or two.”
No record of the extended search could be found.
Dr. Tom Spencer, a professor in the department of History, Humanities, Philosophy and Political Science at Northwest Missouri State University, said that’s because after printing the story, the newspapers tried to forget it. “A lot of the time I think these stories were written based entirely off hearsay and little or no direct on-site reporting,” he said. “As the story grew, the details got more and more outrageous.”
He equates it to a childhood game where children sit in a circle and one child whispers a story into another’s ear and by the time the story completes the circle, it was completely different. “If you recall, sometimes the ‘finished story’ bore little resemblance to the original story,” he said. “My guess is one element of this story is factual – like the strange shaft formation or a long femur was found – and it became more and more embellished as it went around the journalistic circle at the time.”
So what happened to the fabulous buried city under Moberly, Mo.? “There were stories like this periodically at the time and they usually disappear quietly because someone goes to investigate and there’s nothing to it,” Spencer said. “In order to avoid the embarrassment the newspapers just don’t say anything else about it.”
However, Moberly resident John W. wants to find out for certain. “Myself and several friends have researched the article archived at The New York Times,” John said. “The article discusses coal miners finding a Crystal City with several advanced features as well as the bones of what can only be called a giant.”
John and his group plan to investigate the claim of an underground city. “We have found the mine. Our hopes are to take a field trip and find the underground city if we can access the mine,” he said. “We have driven by and the site exists. You can still see remnants of the old access road through the field. It would appear this mine has not been in use since the time period of the news article.”
Moberly calls itself “The Magic City.” Hopefully John and his crew can discover just how magic it is.

Source: http://mysteriousuniverse.org/2013/11/did-giants-once-live-in-giant-buried-cities-across-america/

ESA's Swarm Satellites Begin To Monitor Earth's Magnetic Shield And Its Weakening

MessageToEagle.com - Fortunately, on Earth we have two very effective lines of defence: the Earth’s atmosphere and magnetic field that make our life possible on this planet.
Without this shield we cannot live on our planet.
However, research shows the magnetic field is weakening and scientists are trying to understand why. They would also like to understand how the geomagnetic field is evolving over time.
Some believe it signals a pole reversal in progress, not an uncommon phenomenon in the history of our planet. This has not happened for 780,000 years, but the phenomenon doesn't seem to be a regular occurrence through geological time.

The magnetic field and electric currents near Earth generate complex forces that have immeasurable impact on our everyday lives. Although we know that the magnetic field originates from several sources, exactly how it is generated and why it changes is not yet fully understood. ESA’s Swarm mission will help untangle the complexities of the field. ESA/ATG Medialab

The magnetic north and south poles wander about all the time, and every few hundred thousand years the poles flip around, so that a compass would point south instead of north.
Additionally, the strength of the geomagnetic field has decreased by 10–15 percent since ground measurements began around 1840, researchers say.
The lower pair will fly in formation side by side, about 150 km (10 seconds) apart at the equator and at an initial altitude of 460 km, while the upper satellite will rise to a higher orbit, at 530 km.
Contact was established with the trio minutes later through the Kiruna station in Sweden and the Svalbard station in Norway.
For four years, the Swarm will monitor Earth’s magnetic field, from the depth of our planet’s core to the heights of its upper atmosphere.

Artist's view of Swarm on a Rockot. Swarm is ESA's first Earth observation constellation of satellites. ESA/ATG Medialab

Their measurements will evaluate its current weakening and understand how it contributes to global change.
The Swarm satellites will give us unprecedented insights into the complex workings of the magnetic shield that protects our biosphere from charged particles and cosmic radiation.
“Swarm is about to fill a gap in our view of the Earth system and in our monitoring of global change issues,” noted Volker Liebig, ESA’s director for Earth observation. “It will help us to better understand the field that protects us from the particles and radiation coming from the Sun.”

Amazing Discovery Of 29 Ancient Gold Men Unearthed In Sweden

Archaeologists in Sweden have made an astounding discovery unearthing 29 ancient figurines of gold men ("guldgubbar") dating back to the Iron Age.
Working in great secrecy, archaeologists made this sensational find in Blekinge at West Vång peasant village northeast of Ronneby, located in southern Sweden.
"We have been very afraid of looting and carefully made sure to secure this location with metal detection rings," says Mikael Henriksson, archeologist at Blekinge Museum to the Swedish newspaper Sydnytt.
No fewer than 29 anthropomorphic gold foils, gold men so-called "guldgubbar" have been discovered at the site.
This is the third largest find of gold men to have been made in Sweden to date.

The gold men were discoeverd in southern Sweden. Image credit: MesssageToEagle.com

One hundred similar figurines were discovered about 10-15 years ago at the Uppåkra site outside of Lund, and the in 1980s, some 60 were stumbled upon in Slöinge, Halland. They are made from a thin gold foil and they depict figures of men and women.
They are 1-2 cm high and are imprinted on one side. They date from the 6th century and a few hundred years beyond.The last time any gold object was found in Blekinge was back in the 1930's when a gold bracteates was stumbled upon on the island of Senoren, located in the Blekinge archipelago.
"Without a doubt, this was an important location during the Iron Age and for several hundred years onward", says Mikael Henriksson.
"It is apparent that we can begin a new chapter in our research into the Iron Age in Blekinge."

Excavations were conducted in great secrecy. Image credit: MessageToEagle.com

Gold men (guldgubbar) are most often found in locations associated with power or religious rites. Nothing of its kind has ever before been found in Blekinge.

Archaeologists say these gold men are of great significance. Image credit: Blekinge Museum

"Perhaps the location once served as a place of worship, but as yet we can only speculate. What we do know at present is that the site was once a settlement during the Iron Age", Mikael Henriksson continues.

How many more gold men are hdden in the area? Image credit: Blekinge Museum

In addition to the gold men (guldgubbar) the archaeologists found five bronze cast heads, fragments of a vessel, as well as other bronze objects, Roman glass, gold spirals and Viking- age coins.
The find can be dated to a period between the birth of Christ and the early Middle Ages.

These gold men were probably used for rituals. Image credit: Blekinge Museum

Other finds indicate that the people worked in such industries as the production of iron, blacksmithing, bronze handicrafts and the manufacture of glass beads.
Naturally, artifacts of a more mundane nature have been found at the settlement.
However, the new finds suggest a more complex element to the site. Archaeologists now understand that this special place was more than just a dwelling settlement.

The find can be dated to a period between the birth of Christ and the early Middle Ages. Image credit: Blekinge Museum

Not far from the figurines, archaeologists discovered what appears to be an old temple.
"We disagree on what to call it. But there is a big building that probably has been used for some sort of ritual, says Björn Nilsson, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology at Södertörn University to Sydnytt.
There are many questions concerning the settlement and the new finds, and a research project is currently being formulated in cooperation with Södertörn University.
How should the artefacts and finds be interpreted?
How do they relate to each other in time and space?
How can the site and the findings be placed into a greater context?
It will take some time before scientists can answer these fascinating questions.
For now we know that the 29 gold men have revealed that the hill at the Western Vång has hidden many historical secrets that are now beginning to come to light.

Source: http://www.messagetoeagle.com/29goldmensweden.php#.UojUj31hXMI

Het mysterie achter de oprichter van bitcoin

De digitale Bitcoin-munten. © ap.
Het is een van de grootste mysteries van dit digitale tijdperk: wie of wat is Satoshi Nakamato? De Japanse naam is een alias van de oprichter van bitcoin, de virtuele munteenheid die momenteel floreert. Voorlopig is er nog maar weinig geweten over de echte identiteit van de oprichter(s).
Satoshi ontwikkelde in 2008 de theorie achter de Bitcon en maakte later ook de software. Maar toen de munteenheid populairder werd, verdween Satoshi naar de achtergrond en liet het bedrijf of de persoon weten zich met andere activiteiten bezig te houden. Volgens experts draagt het mysterie net bij tot de allure van de bitcoin, niemand lijkt te weten waar de munteenheid exact vandaan komt.

De speculaties en de samenzweringstheorieën omtrent Satochi circuleren nu massaal op internetfora, Satoshi zou een drugbaron zijn, anderen menen dat het een agent van een of andere geheime dienst is. Nu werd een tipje van de sluier opgelicht. Deze week werd Satoshi in verband gebracht met een ander mysterieus figuur die opereert onder een pseudoniem: Dread Pirate Roberts. Die richtte Silk Road op, dit is een clandestiene webshop voor drugs en andere duistere producten waar enkel bitcoins als munteenheid gebruikt worden.

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TR-3B Aurora

Aurora was a rumored mid-1980s American reconnaissance aircraft. There is no substantial evidence that it was ever built or flown and it has been termed a myth.

The U.S. government has consistently denied such an aircraft was ever built. Aviation and space reference site Aerospaceweb.org concluded “The evidence supporting the Aurora is circumstantial or pure conjecture, there is little reason to contradict the government’s position.”

Others come to different conclusions. In 2006, veteran black project watcher and aviation writer Bill Sweetman said, “Does Aurora exist? Years of pursuit have led me to believe that, yes, Aurora is most likely in active development, spurred on by recent advances that have allowed technology to catch up with the ambition that launched the program a generation ago.

Black triangles are a class of unidentified flying objects, or UFOs, with certain common features which have reportedly been observed during the 20th and 21st centuries. Media reports of black triangles originally came from the United States and United Kingdom.
Credit: ALittleNightvision

Reports generally describe this class of UFOs as large, silent, black triangular objects hovering or slowly cruising at low altitudes over cities and highways. Sightings usually take place at night. These objects are often described as having pulsing colored lights that appear at each corner of the triangle.
UAP Formation of the Triangle Type
Black triangle UFOs have been reported to be visible to radar, as was the case with the famous Belgian UFO wave. During these incidents, two Belgian F-16s attempted to intercept the objects (getting a successful missile lock at two occasions) only to be outmaneuvered; a key conclusion of the Project Condign report was that no attempt should be made on the part of civilian or RAF Air Defence aircraft to outmaneuver these objects except to place them astern to mitigate the risk of collision.
Many UFO researchrs believe the black triangles are part of of a U.S. Air Force program of nuclear powered air craft that are able to hover and move silently, and are the successor to the the TR-3B Aurora and are known as the TR-3B Astra.

Credit:  Liveleak
One of the more famous appearances of these craft was during the event known as the “Phoenix Lights”, where multiple unidentified objects, many of them black triangles, were spotted by the residents of Phoenix, Arizona and videotaped by both the local media and residents with camcorders across multiple evenings beginning on Thursday, March 13, 1997. Some lights drifted as low as 1000 feet and moved far too slowly for conventional aircraft and too silently for helicopters. Some of the lights appeared to group up in a giant “V” formation that lingered above the city for several minutes. Many residents reported one triangle to be over a mile wide that drifted slowly over their houses blocking out the stars of the night sky. Other reports indicated the craft were spotted flying away from Phoenix as far away as Las Vegas, Nevada and Los Angeles, California.

An official report made by the Air Force about the incident concluded that the military had been testing flares launched from conventional aircraft during that time. Eyewitnesses confirmed military jets were scrambled from nearby Luke Air Force Base, but instead of launching flares, they were seen chasing after some of the objects.

The next few nights, in an attempt to recreate the incident, local pilots flew prop-planes over the city in a “V” formation, but the sounds of their engines were easily heard. The original lights made no sound. Flares were also deployed above Phoenix. Comparison of the video taken of the lights (which appeared at night) against daytime images of the same scene show that the lights “disappear” at the exact moment they are shown to fall behind a mountain range. The mountains were invisible against the night sky. There were apparently no reported radar sightings of the objects which appears to be consistent with the flare theory.

Credit:   Scott Kleven

The “St. Clair Triangle”, “UFO Over Illinois”, “Southern Illinois UFO”, or “Highland, Illinois UFO” sighting occurred on January 5, 2000 over the towns of Highland, Dupo, Lebanon, Summerfield, Millstadt, and O’Fallon, Illinois, beginning shortly after 4:00 am. Five on-duty police officers around these locales, along with various other eye-witnesses, sighted and reported a massive, silent, triangular aircraft operating at an unusual treetop level altitude and speeds. The incident was examined in various television shows including the ABC special Seeing is Believing with Peter Jennings, an hour-long Discovery Channel special UFOs Over Illinois, an episode of the Syfy series Proof Positive and a half-hour-long independent documentary titled The Edge of Reality: Illinois UFO, January 5, 2000 by Darryl Barker Productions.

An artist’s concept of a black triangle object.
Credit:  Wikipedia

The Aurora legend started in March 1990, when Aviation Week & Space Technology magazine broke the news that the term “Aurora” had been inadvertently included in the 1985 U.S. budget, as an allocation of $455 million for “black aircraft production” in FY 1987.   According to Aviation Week, Project Aurora referred to a group of exotic aircraft, and not to one particular airframe. Funding of the project allegedly reached $2.3 billion in fiscal 1987, according to a 1986 procurement document obtained by Aviation Week. In the 1994 book Skunk Works, Ben Rich, the former head of Lockheed’s Skunk Works division, wrote that the Aurora was the budgetary code name for the stealth bomber fly-off that resulted in the B-2 Spirit

By the late 1980s, many aerospace industry observers believed that the U.S. had the technological capability to build a Mach-5 replacement for the aging Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird. Detailed examinations of the U.S. defense budget claimed to have found money missing or channeled into black projects.  By the mid-1990s, reports surfaced of sightings of unidentified aircraft flying over California and the United Kingdom involving odd-shaped contrails, sonic booms and related phenomena that suggested the US had developed such an aircraft. Nothing ever linked any of these observations to any program or aircraft type, but the name Aurora was often tagged on these as a way of explaining the observations

Credit: AlienScientist

In the controversial claims of Bob Lazar, he states that during his employment at the mysterious S-4 facility in Nevada, he briefly witnessed an Aurora flight while aboard a bus near Groom Lake. He claimed that there was a “tremendous roar” which sounded almost as if “the sky was tearing.” Although Lazar only saw the aircraft for a moment through the front of the bus, he described it as being “very large” and having “two huge, square exhausts with vanes in them.” Upon speaking with his supervisor, Lazar claims he was informed that the aircraft was indeed an “Aurora,” a “high altitude research plane.” He was also told that the aircraft was powered by “liquid methane.”
By 1996 reports associated with the Aurora name dropped off in frequency, suggesting to people who believed that the aircraft existed that it had only ever been a prototype or that it had had a short service life.

In 2006, aviation writer Bill Sweetman put together 20 years of examining budget “holes”, unexplained sonic booms, along with the Gibson sighting and concluded: “This evidence helps establish the program’s initial existence. My investigations continue to turn up evidence that suggests current activity. For example, having spent years sifting through military budgets, tracking untraceable dollars and code names, I learned how to sort out where money was going. This year, when I looked at the Air Force operations budget in detail, I found a $9-billion black hole that seems a perfect fit for a project like Aurora.”

In late August 1989, while working as an engineer on the jack-up barge GSF Galveston Key in the North Sea, Chris Gibson and another witness saw an unfamiliar isosceles triangle-shaped delta aircraft, apparently refueling from a Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker and accompanied by a pair of F-111 fighter-bombers. Gibson and his friend watched the aircraft for several minutes, until they went out of sight. He subsequently drew a sketch of the formation.

On March 30, 1990, citizens of the city of Eupen spotted what appeared to be a large black triangular craft hovering silently over the city for several minutes. Local police officials arrived on the scene and reported observing the object as it appeared to hover over apartment buildings. One officer reported that the object released a red glowing disk of light from its center which flew down to the ground and darted around several buildings before disappearing

Gibson, who had been in the Royal Observer Corps’ trophy-winning international aircraft recognition team since 1980, was unable to identify the aircraft. He dismissed suggestions that the aircraft was an F-117, Mirage IV or fully swept wing F-111. When the sighting was made public in 1992, the British Defence Secretary Tom King was told, “There is no knowledge in the MoD of a ‘black’ programme of this nature, although it would not surprise the relevant desk officers in the Air Staff and Defence Intelligence Staff if it did exist.”

A crash at RAF Boscombe Down on 26 September 1994 appeared closely linked to “black” missions, according to a report in AirForces Monthly. Further investigation was hampered by aircraft from the USAF flooding into the base. The crash site was protected from view by firetrucks and tarpaulins and the base was closed to all flights soon after

A series of unusual sonic booms was detected in Southern California, beginning in mid- to late-1991 and recorded by U.S. Geological Survey sensors across Southern California used to pinpoint earthquake epicenters. The sonic booms were characteristic of a smaller vehicle rather than the 37-meter long Space Shuttle orbiter. Furthermore, neither the Shuttle nor NASA’s single SR-71B was operating on the days the booms had been registered.

In the article, “In Plane Sight?” which appeared in the Washington City Paper on 3 July 1992 (pp. 12–13), one of the seismologists, Jim Mori, noted: “We can’t tell anything about the vehicle. They seem stronger than other sonic booms that we record once in a while. They’ve all come on Thursday mornings about the same time, between 4 and 7.”

Former NASA sonic boom expert Dom Maglieri studied the 15-year old sonic boom data from the California Institute of Technology and has deemed that the data showed “something at 90,000 ft (c. 27.4 km), Mach 4 to Mach 5.2″. He also said the booms did not look like those from aircraft that had traveled through the atmosphere many miles away at LAX, rather, they appeared to be booms from a high-altitude aircraft directly above the ground moving at high speeds. The boom signatures of the two different aircraft patterns are wildly different. There was nothing particular to tie these events to any aircraft, but they served to grow the Aurora legend.

On 23 March 1992, near Amarillo, Texas, Steven Douglas photographed the “donuts on a rope” contrail and linked this sighting to distinctive sounds. He described the engine noise as: “strange, loud pulsating roar… unique… a deep pulsating rumble that vibrated the house and made the windows shake… similar to rocket engine noise, but deeper, with evenly timed pulses.” In addition to providing the first photographs of the distinctive contrail previously reported by many, the significance of this sighting was enhanced by Douglas’ reports of intercepts of radio transmissions: “

Air-to-air communications… were between an AWACS aircraft with the call sign “Dragnet 51″ from Tinker AFB, Oklahoma, and two unknown aircraft using the call signs “Darkstar November” and “Darkstar Mike”. Messages consisted of phonetically transmitted alphanumerics. It is not known whether this radio traffic had any association with the “pulser” that had just flown over Amarillo.” (“Darkstar” is also a call sign of AWACS aircraft from a different squadron at Tinker AFB)

A month later, radio enthusiasts in California monitoring Edwards AFB Radar (callsign “Joshua Control”) heard early morning radio transmissions between Joshua and a high flying aircraft using the callsign “Gaspipe”. “You’re at 67,000 feet, 81 miles out” was heard, followed by “70 miles out now, 36,000 ft, above glideslope.” As in the past, nothing linked these observations to any particular aircraft or program, but the attribution to the Aurora helped expand the legend.

In February 1994 former resident of Rachel, Nevada, and Area 51 enthusiast, Chuck Clark claims to have filmed the Aurora taking off from the Groom Lake facility. In the David Darlington book “Area 51: The Dreamland Chronicles” he says: I even saw the Aurora take off one night – or an aircraft that matched the Aurora’s reputed configuration, a sharp delta with twin tails about a hundred and thirty feet long. It taxied out of a lighted hangar at two-thirty A.M. and used a lot of runway to take off. It had one red light on top, but the minute the wheels left the runway, the light went off and that was the last I saw of it. I didn’t hear it because the wind was blowing from behind me toward the base.” I asked when this had taken place.

Source: http://beforeitsnews.com/beyond-science/2013/11/black-triangle-ufos-tr-3b-aurora-and-astra-2444344.html

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Diamond UFO Appears Over City In Italy On Nov 6, 2013, VIDEO, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 6, 2013
Location of sighting: Val Pescara, Italy
Source: Alton Parish, columnist at http://beforeitsnews.com/

News States:
The people of the in the region of Val Pescara in Italy have witnessed large pulsating UFOs multiple times this year. Similar craft have been seen world-wide for the past four years.

Charles DeMeo wrote: “They say the one large one is emanating a light beam now at this time , this is over Italy on the 6th of this month and radio signals were disturbed. The term Val Pescara designates the industrial zone which is situated in the north of the town of Chieti and in the western city of Pescara and which coincides geographically with the valley in which flows the final part of the river Pescara , which takes the name. The area has been the site of repeated sightings of large diamond shaped UFOs.

Source: http://www.ufosightingsdaily.com/2013/11/diamond-ufo-appears-over-city-in-italy.html

Exclusive! New Iranian Humanoid Photos

Beforeitsnews was recently contacted by our friend Hamid G. in Iran who offered brand new and exclusive photographs of the ‘humanoid’ body found in Iran back in August of 2013, a story which when originally published went viral across the entire internet. The photographs below are of the same ‘humanoid’ body reported upon by Mort Amsel in this linked story. What is this strange creature? Is this an extraterrestrial body similar to the ‘atacama humanoid‘ found in Chile in 2003? Thanks much to Hamid G. for sending these to us. A video report is also below.

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Green Jelly Fish UFO In Earths Orbit Found In NASA Archive Photo, Nov 2013, -video- UFO Sighting News.

Date of discovery: November 2013
Location of discovery: Earths Orbit

Throughout UFO history, jellyfish UFOs with long moving tentacles have been recorded and reported around the world. This is a great example of such a UFO. Notice the beam of light coming down towards earth from the tentacle and also notice that there seems to be a wide stream behind the UFO from which it came.  With thousands...yes I said that correctly, thousands of UFOs and structures being found in old NASA photos, how can they still deny the existence of aliens? You know why...because they have an agenda to hide alien existence. SCW

UFO Armada Over Columbia Leaves Thousands Of People In Awe, VIDEO, Nov 2013, UFO Sighting News.

Date of sighting: November 8, 2013
Location of sighting: Pereira, Columbia

The city of Pereira is located 250 km from the capital of Columbia. This armada of UFO orbs was seen last week and caught the whole city by surprise. There orbs are not often seen, but when they are it seems that the UFOs are certainly not shy and not trying to hide. 

Sure you can assess the flight pattern of the craft, but to be sure that these are UFOs we need to establish contact in some way. If you get a green laser pen and hit the object for a split second only, if it flashes back within 3-5 seconds then it is a UFO. Lasers only work at night because you need to see the beam to aim. This is from my personal experience which blew me away a few years back. Don't leave it on the UFO too long...you don't want to blind them. SCW

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Technology from Extraterrestrials

Don Phillips was in the Air Force at Las Vegas Air Force Base during an event when UFOs were seen moving at enormous speeds near Mt. Charleston, north

For more information, visit http://www.SiriusDisclosure.com.

Don Phillips was in the Air Force at Las Vegas Air Force Base during an event when UFOs were seen moving at enormous speeds near Mt. Charleston, northwest of Las Vegas. In addition, he worked with Kelly Johnson at the Lockheed Skunkworks -- on design and construction of the U-2 and SR-71 Blackbird. He testifies that we not only have these extraterrestrial devices, but have also achieved tremendous technological advances from their study. He states that in the 1950's and 1960's, NATO did research into the origin of ET races, and disseminated reports to the leaders of various countries. He lists a few of the technologies we were able to develop because of ETs: computer chips, lasers, night vision, and bulletproof vests. Mr. Phillips now develops technologies that can help eliminate environmental pollutants and reduce the need for fossil fuels.

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Four Horsemen - Feature Documentary - Official Version

FOUR HORSEMEN is an award winning independent feature documentary which lifts the lid on how the world really works.  

Putin Ends NATO Missile Pact, Warns Military To “Prepare For War”

A sobering report prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MOD) circulating in the Kremlin today states that the 4 NATO F-16 fighter jets scrambled from Turkey hours ago to harass the Il-20 reconnaissance warplanes flying along Russia’s Black Sea coast on one their routine daily missions was in direct retaliation over President Putin’s abrupt canceling of his cooperation with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization over missile defense yesterday.

According to this report, and confirmed by the Voice Of Russia News Service, in another powerful and significant move for peace, Putin cancelled a presidential order which in 2011, had set up an interdepartmental working group under the authority of the Russian Presidential Administration designed to develop ways to establish cooperation with NATO in the sphere of “missile defense”.

Many experts and NATO watchers familiar with the decree, and the attempts by the Russian Federation to develop an equal partnership relationship with NATO on the basis of mutual respect and transparency, may now breathe a collective sigh of relief that Putin has finally run out of patience with the alliance.

This MOD report further states that Putin’s “move for peace” against the US led NATO alliance is meant to show the West that he will “retaliate in force” against what he calls US President Obama’s “insane” plan for global tyranny that is even now threatening to destroy America and the European Union.

Even more grimly, this report continues, was Putin’s ordering the strategic forces to carry out a large-scale surprise military drill last Wednesday launching four nuclear missiles that were closely monitored by US intelligence agencies that included the test launch of two land-based intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and two submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs).
In Putin’s further “preparation for war,” this MOD report says, he also ordered this past Friday that the two Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack strategic nuclear bombers currently visiting South America to stay on indefinite patrol should they be needed to strike the United States.

Not just Putin is gravely concerned over Obama’s war moves either, this report continues, as China this past week joined Russia in overtly threatening the United States with nuclear retaliation.
In what this MOD report calls a “war move against the US,” China last week sent a surveillance ship to Hawaiian waters for the very first time in history in an unprecedented move described as a provocative retaliation to the US naval presence in the East China Sea, publicly revealed a view of its mysterious fleet of nuclear submarines, and its state-run media revealed for the first time that its nuclear submarines can, and will, attack American cities as a means to counterbalance US nuclear deterrence in the Pacific.

Of the greatest concern to both Russia and China regarding Obama this report says, is the American Presidents purging of nearly 200 high ranking US military officers, the latest being US Army Col Eric Tilley commander of the largest American base in Japan who was fired by Obama yesterday.
US sources commenting on this unprecedented purging of these officers are warning that in Obama’s America, the military must forsake their constitutional oath in favor of blind allegiance to their new commander.
To the effect(s) Obama’s purge is having upon the US military was recently described by the WND News Service which reports:
“Retired Army Maj. Gen. Patrick Brady, recipient of the U.S. military’s highest decoration, the Medal of Honor, as well as other top retired officers, say President Obama’s agenda is decimating the morale of the U.S. ranks to the point members no longer feel prepared to fight or have the desire to win.
“There is no doubt he (Obama) is intent on emasculating the military and will fire anyone who disagrees with him” over such issues as “homosexuals, women in foxholes, the Obama sequester,” Brady told WND.
“They are purging everyone, and if you want to keep your job, just keep your mouth shut,” one source told WND.”

Even more troubling about Obama, this MOD report warns, is that he now appears to be “descending into madness” as new evidence has emerged that he has ordered US military doctors to design innovative new methods of torture to be used against his enemies, and was quoted as gleefully exclaiming to his top aides, “I'm really good at killing people”.

As to how good at “killing people” Obama has become we noted in our 21 October report titled
Evidence That 5 Million Americans Have Been “Disappeared” By Obama Shocks Russia and wherein it was noted how the current US regime is actively planning on eliminating at least 25 million of their dissident citizens.

As to why the vast majority of the American people still adhere to a policy of blind obedience to a leader descending into madness, and in turn threatening to destroy their nation, the Guardian News Service warns is due to the Obama regimes unprecedented attack on press freedoms and the news gathering process in the US which the Associated Press says relies on staged propaganda photos and the Obama regime conducting secret meetings with journalists, “psych-background” sessions, in which reporters were not allowed to record, take notes, or directly attribute remarks.

And in, perhaps, the Obama regimes cruelest move against its own people, indeed the whole world, this past week the Democrat Party controlled US Senate actually passed a bill that codifies and expands NSA spying powers even as the shock of what they have done still reverberates around the globe.
So today, and as our world falls ever closer towards all-out war, one of the few voices of honesty and reason left belongs to the NSA and former CIA spy Edward Snowden who yesterday from his home in Russian exile from the brutal and despotic Obama regime told his fellow Americans… “Citizens have to fight suppression of information on matters of vital public importance. To tell the truth is not a crime.”

Sadly, Snowden’s fellow Americans will not hear these words, nor know the grave danger they are in because of the Obama regime, because they are either too blind to see, or too deaf to hear…or more than likely, both.

Source: http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index1720.htm


Dr. Norman Bergrun is an alumnus of Ames Research Laboratory, NACA (National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics) predecessor of Ames Research Center, NASA where he worked twelve years as a research scientist.
At Ames, he pioneered the setting of design criteria for airplane thermal ice-prevention and the developing of roll stability laws for airplanes, missiles and rockets.
He joined Lockheed Missiles and Space Company (now Lockheed Martin) where he was manager of the planning and analysis of flight tests for the Navy Polaris Underwater Launch Missile System.
During his thirteen years at Lockheed, he also served as a senior scientist having responsible analysis cognizance of special space-satellite applications.
Dr. Bergrun privately undertook a detailed study of the NASA Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 photographs of the rings of Saturn.
He has discovered how the rings are being formed by emissions emerging from gigantic electromagnetic vehicles (EMV’s), controlled by 7ft dark skinned Extraterretrials.

Source: http://theviralpost.com/giant-aliens-pilot-saturn-space-ships/

woensdag 6 november 2013

Loose Ends in Boston Bombing tied to House of Saud and Haliburton

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- The Boston Marathon Bombing is being wrapped up. Wrapped up in an official narrative as riddled with omissions and distortions as the 9/11 Commission Report.
The Boston Bombing is also being wrapped up in “official false flag narratives” with a content, that justifies the question whether those who plan a false flag “event” are presumed to be too naive to also disseminate the official “alternative cover-up”.
Its time to step back to ground zero and the initial reports of the Washington Post who reported about a Saudi suspect, and then consider, that even this may in fact be covering up for a much more obvious Saudi connection, which leads directly to the House of Saud and Prince Alwaleed.

Beside that, why is it, that we don´t hear anything about the fact, that the uncle of the purported bombers, or patsies, is a former contractor with ties to Haliburton?
Boston Marathon. Photo via RT
Boston Marathon. Photo via RT

The First Reports, the Saudi National and the “Contractor-Types”.
The first reports, suggesting “foul play” in the Boston Bombing narrative came from sources like LandDestroyer, also published on nsnbc international. In the article “Contractors” at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation, we learned about the presence of apparent security personnel which stood only meters away from the blast site, and who disappeared shortly before the blast.

Shortly afterward they were again photographed, with devices in their hands which could resemble detonators. A car drove up to the finish line of the Marathon, apparently belonging to or related to the “contractor-types”. As it often is the case, the truth is often hidden right before our very eyes, and the key to it, is most likely in one of the first photographs which were circulated in LandDestroyer´s article.

Skull-logo-of-Craft-International2Shortly after the blast, the Washington Post began reporting about a Saudi suspect who was at a hospital. Not long afterward however, the Washington Post and other mainstream media became adamant about the “fact” that the “Saudi national who was injured during the bombing was a witness, not a suspect”.

Contractors, the CRAFT of Manufacturing a False Flag.
Thanks to the fact that alternative media are becoming increasingly awake, aware and professional in their work, and thanks to the fact that the Boston Marathon Bombing was one of the most photographed terrorist attacks ever to be committed on US soil, it became soon possible to identify details about the “contractor-types” uniform, including their caps. Apparently, the logo on the caps tied the “contractor-types” to the security contractor firm Craft International, founded by a Chris Kyle.
Professor James H. Fetzer wrote an in depth editorial, also published on nsnbc international, under the headline “Some hard Lessons from the Boston Bombing. Bombing a Staged Event”. Prof. Fetzer´s brilliant article, describes the background of Craft international, the death of the founder and owner of the company, Chris Kyle, and it reveals apparent attempts to obfuscate some of the photos which were circulated, by photoshopping the CRAFT logo on one of the caps so it was no longer clearly identifiable.

The article also details that the two suspects, whom we will discuss below, most likely have been set up as patsies, comparable to Lee Harvey Oswald in the Kennedy assassination. Prof. Fetzer, a philosopher of science and an expert in logical reasoning, is also asking the hard questions which need to be asked and answered or acted upon. Questions, which could be rephrased into, whether Americans want to reclaim their country from the clutches of fascism and how. What Prof. Fetzer missed, because he was not yet aware of a photo that would be sent to the scribe, is the fact that the Saudi connection was clearly visible, right under everybody´s noses so to speak. One more thing that must be taken into account is, that Craft is selling both caps and clothing via it´s website and anyone could have bought the “contractor-type” outfit on the open market to lead everyone on a wild goose chase. Also this, among many other details warrants a profound investigation.

The Bloodless Amputation. The legs were literally being pulled away under the official narrative.
The man who apparently had lost his legs in the Boston bomb blast turned out to be an Afghanistan veteran and amputee. His name is Nick Voigt. The scribe of this article has been working as volunteer rescue worker and rescue dog handler for years. A person, loosing legs from blast trauma is unconscious after a minute and dead after two.
He certainly won´t be able to sit upright in a wheel chair, minutes later, without any blood gushing out of the stumps, fully conscious. I submit, that it is utterly impossible and would not even have been acceptable at a rescue exercise, where actors or volunteers, for the purposes or training rescue personnel, are carefully instructed, so that their acting confronts the trainee with a realistic scenario.
In another photo, right after the “blast” or smoke bomb”, the Afghanistan veteran and amputee is laying on the ground, while his partner is helping to put the prosthesis with gushing wounds, which are supposed to look as if he had his legs blasted off. Again, no gushing blood.
Had this been a real event, the men would have had blood gushing all over them from the severed femoral venae and arteries. Medical doctors, nurses, rescue personnel and the populations who have bought into the narrative of X people having been killed and Y having been injured would be well advised to have a close look at photo documentations like that of Flickr contributor Hahatango.

Tsarnaev Brothers, The Perfect Patsies, Dead Man Walking and an Uncle with Haliburton Ties.
Approximately simultaneously with the alternative media´s discovering of ever more details which made it clear, that the Boston Marathon Bombing was a false flag and that the official narrative was rapidly falling apart, the message about the purported perpetrators, a couple of brothers with “Chechen” background was released through the mainstream media.

The two brothers, who had come to the USA about ten years earlier were the perfect distraction and they are still, in US, western as well as Russian media described as the perpetrators who committed the grisly acts of murder with a “weapon of mass destruction”. In a less propagandistic language one would say a “smoke-bomb” to lay a smoke screen. However, a camera had apparently caught the two red-handed, but the camera does not reveal anything about their motivation, nor does it reveal anything about who else eventually may have been involved.

Another problem with the story is, that the mother of the two “homegrown Chechen terrorists” stated that the FBI had been observing “every move and step of the two brothers for years”, and that even though the FBI first denied it, the FBI had been in contact with them before.
Moreover, the Russian intelligence service had warned US authorities about the two brothers, that they had become radicalized, and that they had ties to Chechen terrorists. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, the founder of the Center for Research on Globalization and editor of the globalresearch website has written a detailed article about the “Chechen Connection”, which has been published on nsnbc international. It is highly recommended reading for those interested in US involvement in terrorism directed against Russia. The Tsarnaev brothers were the perfect patsies.

boston bombing live leak

The brothers were not only patsies, but it is highly probable that the elder of the Tsarnaev brothers was murdered after he was arrested. Murdered, by those who have committed the false flag operation or by his handlers. According to the official narrative, the brothers were confronted by law enforcement and a gunfight ensued. During this gunfight, the elder brother was purportedly shot, and subsequently run over by a car, driven by his escaping, carjacking younger brother. It sounds dramatic, and had a dramatic effect on the population, but how realistic is the scenario?

The problem with that story is, that the aunt of the allegedly driven over and killed “terrorist” is swearing that she can recognize and positively identify him as a person who appears in a video, in which he is naked and led to a police car.

The aunt, who apparently is too intimidated to make additional statements, has however, not retracted her statement either, and her statements must be considered as having the status of evidence or at least of indirect evidence through the agancy of the journalist, to whom she reported her observation.
Unless dead men are walking, it is very likely that the man was killed while he was in the custody of law enforcement or in the custody of someone who was posing as law enforcement. Also this detail, among many other, warrants a profound investigation.

The second, younger brother was reportedly found after an army of 5,000 militarized policemen conducted a house to house search or manhunt. The boy was finally discovered, hiding in a small, dry-docked boat in an area called Watertown. Again a gunfight ensued, and an arrest was made. The boy was, according to official reports wounded, shot in the throat and unable to speak. It is to be expected then, that any statements from him would have to be written statements, which is an interesting detail in an on itself.

The by-standing, well propagandized US citizens were, at least if one is to believe TV images, clapping their hands in joy over the successful conclusion of the terrorist door to door hunt, in which police systematically overstepped the civil liberties and rights of hundreds of citizens.

The most important aspect about the involvement of the Tsarnaev brothers however, is the fact that their uncle has been working as a contractor for Haliburton, and this fact seems to be systematically kept out of the mainstream media.

Its like someone wanted to say “Go away ! We have our patsies, don´t you ruin our cover-up by bringing Haliburton into the picture!”. I would submit to the reader, that it is of the utmost importance to follow this lead to the end. One of the reasons for insisting, that this lead has to be followed, is that Haliburton also rings bells with regard to Saudi-Arabia and Chechnya.

Investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker, who among other is known for his investigation into Rudy Decker´s flight school, where one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers showed that he could not even safely fly a single engine propeller plane, let alone a sophisticated airliner. Hopsicker is one of the few, if not the only one who has written about the Boston – Haliburton connection.

"Uncle" Ruslan Tsarni, working ten years for Haliburton.
“Uncle” Ruslan Tsarni, working ten years for Haliburton.

In his article “Boston Bombers “Uncle Ruslan” was Haliburton Contractor”, Daniel Hopsicker is not only making the case but is backing it up with facts. In his article, Hopsicker documents, that “Uncle” Ruslan Tsarni has had a decade long business relationship with Haliburton.

For those who are unaware of the implications, it is the same Haliburton, the multinational juggernaut, as Hopsicker puts it, which was run by Dick Cheney before he became Vice President of the USA. I would add to Hopsicker, and before he, that is Dick Cheney, became “Commander in Chief of the 9/11 False Flag Operation”. Recommended reading here, would be “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, by former LAPD Homicide and Narcotics investigator Michael J. Ruppert who, at the very least, has presented a prosecutable case against Dick Cheney, and who also details the role of Haliburton.

“Uncle” Ruslan Tsarni´s relationship with Haliburton became known after Tsarni´s “condemnation of the atrocities, which allegedly had been committed by his nephews Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev which was widely published in the same “Washington Post”, who suddenly discovered that the Saudi national at the hospital was ” a witness, and not a perpetrator”.

The Hopsicker article is a must read, for everybody who wants to understand how uncle Ruslan Tsarni´s relationship with Haliburton, as well as with USAID, which is a known CIA front and which has been unceremoniously thrown out of Russia for the illegitimate financing and aiding of the opposition to Russia´s President Vladmir Putin, is increasingly becoming discredited as one of the main sponsors or lead dogs of non-state actors, who target “nations or regions of interest” for the USA. Within this context it is also interesting to recall, that there were strong foreign ties to the planned assassination of Russia´s President Vladimir Putin in February 2012.

Many, if not most of these non-state actors, including Chechen “rebels” as the USA until very recently euphemistically described the Al Qaeda associated Chechen “men who went to the forest”, have very close ties to Al-Qaeda and other Wahhabi and Salafist organizations, which are systematically and consistently being sponsored by the main Arab US ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Harbi, voluntarily deported to Saudi-Arabia
Al-Harbi, voluntarily deported to Saudi-Arabia

The Saudi National who was not a suspect but a victim, who was classified as dangerous, proven terrorist, but who agreed to be voluntarily deported; A distraction from the real deal ?
The US American journalist Glen Beck came close, very close to reporting the truth about the Saudi involvement – or – he swallowed the decoy, hook, line and sinker, while the real deal, with direct ties to the house of Saud and Prince Alwaleed, who actually took part in the operation, as one of the “contractor-type” guys, who has been right under our noses all along, slipped through the meshes.
In a video, Glenn Back reported, that the Saudi national was a certain Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi. Al-Harbi, a Saudi student, reportedly belongs to a high society Saudi family with close ties to the Saudi royal family.

Alex Jones, Infowars, has issued a video report in which he details the information Glenn Beck published in a more structured, analytic form than in the reports by Beck. The videos are well worth watching.

Among other facts which have transpired, is the fact that Al-Harbi, at least “reportedly” was sufficiently well connected for the Saudi Foreign Minister to intervene. Al-Harbi was reportedly enough of a “person of interest” for both US President Barak Obama and his wife Michelle Obama to become directly involved, to assure, that Al-Harbi was “voluntarily deported” to Saudi Arabia. Now have a look at the boy in the image above. Does he strike you as being a hardened terrorist ? In a certain sense Beck may be reinforcing the false narrative that Al-Harbi is a “bad, bad, bad” person, a reference to the most dangerous classification of terrorists in the USA. Only a real investigation would reveal the real role of Al-Harbi.

After 9/11, after members of the bin Laden family have been flown out of the USA while there was a ban on all flights over the USA. It would not be surprising if Al-Harbi was deported even though he was involved, but was he ? It would not have been surprising either, that the two Tsarnaev brothers would have been used as decoy, as patsies, to cover-up Saudi involvement.

It seems to be the case that also the young, well connected Saudi student Al-Harbi is far from the “Real Deal”. It is of course interesting, that Saudi media report that six of Al-Harbi´s family members are listed as terrorists. On the other hand, in a country which is known to be the worlds largest state sponsor of Wahhabi and Salafist organizations, including many charities and militant organizations with ties to Al Qaeda, and in a country where the term family is equivalent to “extended family or clan”, it is probably not as uncommon to have six members of one´s “family” tied to terrorism as most people would assume it to be.

What turned the tide for me, was an e-mail, which I received from a woman, whose name and identity is known to me, and who previously has been married into a Saudi family. Attached to the e-mail was a collage of photos.

boston saudiThe photo to the left is a cutout of the first photo in the article “Contractors” at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation”, published in LandDestroyer and nsnbc international.
The second photo from the left, featuring the same person, now after the explosion, standing at the opposite side of the street, is a cutout of the second photo in the LandDestroyer article. To find the person in the photo, follow the white line “Now Here”.

The third and fourth photos from the left are featuring the same person. Only, this time, not in Craft international uniform but in civilian clothing, and more importantly, in company of Saudi-Arabia´s Prince Alwaleed. I could be mistaken, I admit. But compare the faces, compare the hairline, and most importantly, compare the ears.

I submit to you, that there is good reason to ask Prince Alwaleed about the identity of the young man in his company in the photo to the right, and to investigate the whereabouts of this young man on the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Could it be, that Al-Harbi is a decoy, a patsy to distract our attention, to deflect it away from who the “real” Saudi national is, the one who was reported to be at the scene of the crime ?

There are dozens of loose ends in the official Boston Marathon Bombing narrative, and there are many loose ends in many of the “unofficial” Boston Marathon Bombing and false-flag narratives. It is not at all unlikely that an investigation into Haliburton and the House of Saud will tie the loose ends together.
boston saudi

Source: http://nsnbc.me/2013/04/25/loose-ends-in-boston-bombing-tied-to-house-of-saud-and-haliburton/

Also see my Boston Bombing compilation: http://thisisyourwake-upcall.blogspot.nl/2013/04/boston-marathon-bombing.html