woensdag 12 december 2012

Aanrader: Allies of humanity

Ik ben een echte aanrader tegengekomen voor mensen die geïnteresseerd zijn in het grote plaatje. Ik ben er nog niet over uit of het echt is of een verknipte vorm van fictie maar de boodschap is in ieder geval erg mooi en sluit aan bij het beeld wat ik al had van de huidige situatie op aarde en in ons Melkweg stelsel en het verdere universum.

Ik ben laatst begonnen in het eerste gratis boek Allies of humanity van Marshall vian Summers, onderstaand de link naar de website. Het zijn drie boeken die de mensheid moeten voorbereiden over het geen gaande is met de 'visitors' van aarde en wat wij moeten weten over 'the greater community' van intelligente en spirituele entiteiten die het universum verbergt.


Onderstaand een grip uit een deel van het eerste hoofdstuk:

The first area of activity of the visitors is to influence individuals in positions of power and authority. Because the visitors do not want to destroy anything in the world or harm the world’s resources, they seek to gain influence over those whom they perceive to be in positions of power, within government and religion primarily. They seek contact, but only with certain individuals. They have the power to make this contact, and they have the power of persuasion. Not all whom they contact will be persuaded, but many will be. The promise of greater power, greater technology and world domination will intrigue and incite many individuals. And it is these individuals with whom the visitors will seek to establish a liaison. There are very few people in the governments of the world who are being so affected, but their numbers are growing. The visitors understand the hierarchy of power because they themselves live by it, following their own chain of command, you might say. They are highly organized and very focused in their endeavors, and the idea of having cultures full of free-thinking individuals is largely foreign to them. They do not comprehend or understand individual freedom. Theyare like many technologically advanced societies in theGreater Community who function both within their respectiveworlds and in their establishments across vast reaches ofspace, utilizing a very well-established and rigid form of governmentand organization. They believe that humanity ischaotic and unruly, and they feel they are bringing order to asituation that they cannot themselves comprehend.Individual freedom is unknown to them, and they do not seeits value. As a result, what they seek to establish in the worldwill not honor this freedom.Therefore, their first area of endeavor is to establish a liaison with individuals in positions of power and influence inorder to gain their allegiance and to persuade them of the beneficial aspects of relationship and shared purpose.The second avenue of activity, which is perhaps the most difficult to consider from your perspective, is the manipulation of religious values and impulses. The visitors understand that humanity’s greatest abilities also represent its greatest
vulnerability. People’s longing for individual redemption represents one of the greatest assets the human family has to offer, even to the Greater Community. But it is also your weakness. And it is these impulses and these values that will be used.

Several groups of the visitors wish to establish themselves as spiritual agents because they know how to speak in the Mental Environment. They can communicate to people directly, and unfortunately, because there are very few people in the world who can discern the difference between a spiritual voice and the visitors’ voice, the situation becomes very difficult. Therefore, the second area of activity is to gain people’s
allegiance through their religious and spiritual motivations. Actually, this can be done quite easily because humanity is not yet strong or developed in the Mental Environment. It is difficult for people to discern where these impulses are coming from. Many people want to give themselves to anything they think has a greater voice and a greater power. Your visitors can project images—images of your saints, of your teachers, of angels—images that are held dear and sacred within your world. They have cultivated this ability through many, many centuries of attempting to influence each other and by learning the ways of persuasion that are practiced in many places in the Greater Community. They consider you primitive, and so they feel they can exert this influence and use these methods upon you. Here there is an attempt to contact those individuals who are considered sensitive, receptive and naturally given to be cooperative. Many people will be selected, but a few will be chosen based upon these particular qualities. Your visitors will seek to gain allegiance with these individuals, to gain their trust and to gain their devotion, telling the recipients that the visitors are here to uplift humanity spiritually, to give humanity new hope, new blessings and new power—indeed promising the things that people want so dearly but have not yet found themselves. Perhaps you may wonder, “How can such a thing occur?” But we can assure you that it is not difficult once you learn these skills and abilities.

Mooie quote! Uit hoofdstuk 5


Threshold: A New Promise for Humanity
"The Greater Community is vast. Its furthest reaches have never been explored. It is greater than any race can comprehend. Within this magnificent creation, intelligent life exists at all levels of evolution and in countless expressions. Your world exists in a part of the Greater Community that is fairly well inhabited. There are many areas of the Greater Community that have never been explored and other areas where races live in secret. Everything exists in the Greater Community in terms of the manifestations of life. And though life as we have been describing it seems difficult and challenging, the Creator works everywhere, reclaiming the separated through Knowledge."

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