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Utsuro Bune: Ancient Extraterrestrial Encounter With A "Hollow Ship" And An Alien Visitor

MessageToEagle.com - Who was the mysterious woman who spoke a language no-one could understand?
What was inside the box she held in her hands?
What was the meaning of the markings on the round metal object she arrived in?
An intriguing document called Hyouryuukishuu, translated as 'Tales of Castaways' is kept at the Iwase Bunko Depository library in Japan. The document tells an intriguing story of an encounter with an extraterrestrial being near the village of Harashagahama or according to some sources Hara-Yadori, near Tokyo.
The event took place on February 22, 1803 when a sauce-shaped ship of iron and glass floated ashore. It also had openings made of glass or crystal.

The object was 6 meters wide and carried a young woman with very white skin.The event created a stir in the village and people rushed down to see the unusual object.
This object became later known as Utsuro Bune ("Hollow ship").
Several people approached this curious round object in their own boats and managed to tow it to the beach.

In the book Wonders in the Sky: Unexplained Aerial Objects from Antiquity to Modern Times, Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck write the "upper half of the object was composed of glass-fitted windows with lattice, shielded by a kind of putty, and the lower hemisphere consisted of metal plates. Through the glass dome the witnesses could see letters written in an unknown language and bottle containing liquid, perhaps water.

The girl inside was 1.5 meters tall and her dress was strange, made of an unknown material. She spoke to the astonished crowds in a language they were at loss to interpret. She also had a strange cup of a design unknown to the witnesses. People estimated her age to be around 18 - 20 years old.

Could the UFO shaped craft be of extraterrestrial origin?

The timber box she held was 60cm in length. It appeared as though the box was very special to the young woman and she did not allow people to touch it.
"The villagers arrested the girl and tried to decide what to do with her. One of the villagers, who had heard of a similar case that had happened at another beach not far from there, suggested that the woman was possibly a foreign princess, exiled by her father because of an extramarital love affair.
The box, he said may even contain her lover's head. If this was so, it would be a political problem, and that would imply some sort of cost: "We may be ordered to spend a lot of money to investigate this woman and boat. Since there is a precedent for casting this boat out to sea, we had better put her inside the boat and send it away. From humanitarian viewpoint, this treatment would be cruel to her destiny."
Backing their decision with such straightforward logic, they forced the visitor back into the domed object, pushed it out, and it drifted out of sight."

There were two books published on regarding this incident. One book is Toen Shousetsu, published in 1825 and the other book is Ume no Chiri, published in 1844. Both books predate 'modern' UFO sightings.
Other than the accounts in these various books, no records of the mysterious incident have been found in official documents in Japan
Who was this alien visitor? Where did the woman come from? These are questions we cannot answer. Yet, perhaps, the story described in the books could based on a real UFO experience that took place in Japan in 1803.

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