donderdag 23 oktober 2014

Message from an Extraterrestrial - THE MOVIE (2014)

This message was received by the French, Jean Ederman, in Belgium. It took over 10 years to give this message a face and a picture. But still, the content of this text is more relevant than ever. Several religions, cultures and spiritual beings predicted that we have entered a new era: The age of awakening and consciousness, also the time of finding out the truth & disclosure. About us, humanity, our planet and the universe? Who knows. 

This film helps to understand this extraterrestial message better by using hints and pictures or videos of current global & universal problems, on multidimensions. Decide on your own and inside of you what is the truth. This is freedom.

Jean Ederman about himself:

I have seen UFOs for several years and I've had contacts with some ET beings.

"I am 42, with both a technical education (military jet pilot and air traffic controller), economic (masters) and management (airport manager). From the age of six, I've had various spiritual type experiences that are continually taking on more shape and meaning.

Among the many types of phenomena that have manifested during the last two years, for example when I received a message on the tri-dimensional nature of time, while a UFO was hanging over my house and had 'announced' its presence by a terrific noise, and then when an enormous triangular craft flew over my house when I was in the process of moving, followed by an aerial battle of lights lasting 25 minutes, and also multiple apparitions of celestial lights and ethereal creatures in my house, and finally, after having learned how to mentally project myself to a place in the presence of benevolent extraterrestrials, I received the following message on behalf of their hierarchy."

Share, translate and "like" this video as much as you can. It is time.

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