donderdag 28 juli 2016

False flags ramping up in Europe

France and Germany are under severe terrorist attacks. Events look real but some things just don't add up. These attacks are used to push specific agendas. In France it was the state of emergency which is by now extended by three months. The public must be put in a fearfull state. With fresh new attacks every week / month. Terrorist attacks come in all forms now a days, knives, axes, trucks, explosives, gunfire, planes.  And in al places airports, cafe's, restaurants, boulevards, party's, recreational parcs etc.

The goal is total choas and 'racial tension'. This will fuel hate on both sides and will intensify the situation. 

It is the classical devide and conquer and problem, reaction, solution rethoric.
Look up the Hegelian Dialectic: These terrorists must have insider help or outside help from goverments/shadow goverments/globalist/occultitst/zionsists etc. Who profit from these specific events. The more choas the better.

The truck in Nice has no bloodspatter. This seems strange because the truck ran over a lot of people and killed 84. Also strange are the bullit holes in the front window. None on the drivers side. 

Toga man and "Acropolis sign" point toward next attack in ... Greece? Nope, the OLYMPIA Mall!
Toga man and “Acropolis sign” point toward next attack in … Greece? Nope, the OLYMPIA Mall!

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