woensdag 3 augustus 2016

WikiLeaks Exposes Hillary’s Stunning Connection to ISIS — Mainstream Media Blackout Ensues

Washington, D.C. – Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, claimed during the Democratic National Convention (DNC) that, “We have more material related to the Hillary Clinton campaign.”

Staying true to their word, WikiLeaks, with one simple tweet, dropped another bomb on the Clinton campaign – one so damaging it will almost surely be ignored by the mainstream media.

The latest revelation by the whistleblower organization reveals Hillary Clinton was a director of, and received over $100,000 from, French industrial giant Lafarge, which was recently exposed as secretly sponsoring the Islamic State for profit.

Read more: http://sitsshow.blogspot.nl/2016/08/WikiLeaks-Exposes-Hillarys-Stunning-Connection-to-ISIS-Mainstream-Media-Blackout-Ensues.html

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