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Massive Shock Coming to the Gold Market Soon?

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In 2013, only 37 tons of the gold bullion came back to the Bundesbank: five tons came from the Federal Reserve and the rest came from France. (Source: Kitco News, January 20, 2014.) So where's the gold? If the Bundesbank is bringing back only five percent of its gold each year, it's going to take 20 years for the country to get back its 674 tons of gold bullion ... forget the seven years promised!
Click to viewWhy can't Germany get its gold back? Do Western central banks really have any gold left in their reserves or have they sold it all? And why is China, now the world's second-largest economy, buying so much gold? These are questions that lead me to one conclusion: gold prices should be a lot higher than they are today.
Dear reader, the majority of "stuff" I read from analysts and economists these days says the 12-year run in gold bullion is over…the U.S. economy is getting better and gold has no reason to go back up. Hogwash, I say.
After a 12-year bull market in gold prices, the correction came in 2013. The depth of the correction caught many gold investors by surprise. And many investors have given up on gold's future. It's at that point, when the speculators have left the market, that a correction in an upward-moving market completes itself and the bull resumes. I've seen it happen countless times…it's exactly what's happening with the 12-year-old bull market in gold bullion.
A massive price shock is coming to the gold market ... and it will be on the upside.

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