maandag 20 januari 2014

Nasa plan for a second sun?!

Will the Cassini Space probe be used as a nuclear trigger to ignite Saturn and terraform its moons for human colonization?

A paper titled "The Lucifer Project" has recently emerged which claims that NASA is very likely to deliberately direct the Cassini space probe into Saturn's dense atmosphere where it will destruct.

The paper's author contends this will be a secret effort to use the Cassini's plutonium fuel rods as a fission device to generate a runaway nuclear fusion process on Saturn, that would trigger the emergence of a new sun.

The new sun would enable the moons of Saturn to be heated, possibly making them suitable for colonization and other uses by humanity.

On the other hand, the creation of a new sun would generate a shock wave of hydrogen and other particles that could have devastating effects on Earth.

In order to fully evaluate the radical views presented in "The Lucifer Project" it is best to begin with Richard Hoagland's analysis of the Galileo space probe's controlled descent into Jupiter's equatorial region in 2003, where it was destroyed in a similar manner to what is projected for Cassini.

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