maandag 22 juli 2013

America Is Being Herded Into An Engineered Race War (Stunning Videos)

Enraged speeches by Al Sharpton.

Obama’s thoughts..

Jesse’s take:

Propaganda that could be comapred to this:

A perspective to consider in regards to this tragic meeting.
Zimmerman, a non-white, was on neighborhood watch because of the repeated bulgarlies on his street.
Fear motivated him, not racial hatered.
Perhaps he felt if he took a proactive role in protecting his neighborhood, his fear of being victimized would go away.
Trayvon was a young black man, who was probably tired of being racially profiled, just waiting for the next time..
Two very bad attitudes that unfortunately crossed paths that night.
Not malice, not racism, 2 scared people.
2 people who were tired of things happening to them that they had no control over, until this point…
People like Sharpton and Jackson are parasites who thrive off of racial discontent.
Obama has his socialist agenda..
The emotions involved are being used by this regime to gain more control over the “unstable” masses.
No one wins, this way.
Riots, violence, hate, divides us and makes us pawns of the New World Order.
Our Enslavement.. Their final goal

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