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Snowden unveils NSA Satellite SAURON Program targeting Citizens

Snowden, who recently unleashed all the happenings behind the scenes in NSA has leaked another shocking aspect of NSA. This time around he has leaked something massive, that doesn’t only related to people is U.S., but, all the people living on this planet. According to him, NSA at the moment is spying nearly everything on this planet.
SAURON is a satellite network having a number of low-orbiting high resolution cameras which can obtain clear picture of a matter on the land as small as a centimeter. The network is such large that it can easily cover the whole planet. According to the slides, which Snowden unleashed to Internet chronicle reporters the satellites gather all the images and gather them into one big pool for it to be seen again when wanted.
Snowden told reporters he was shocked when he saw this system first time around and criticized the U.S. government for this. According to him, U.S. government is just doing these evil acts keep up it’s power all over the world. One exciting fact of SAURON is that it’s inspiration is being taken from a film in which SAURON is an evil eye which is always searching for materials.
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Edward Snowden unveiled SAURON, a network of satellites capable of spying on the entire planet’s surface and indefinitely retaining the images.
sauronseye 269x300 Snowden unveils NSA Satellite SAURON Program targeting CitizensMOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, the whistleblower who recently unveiled the NSA’s ubiquitous PRISM wiretapping program, unveiled yet another insidious, citizen-targeting surveillance system Friday afternoon, in a chat with Internet Chronicle reporters.
SAURON, or the Semi-Autonomous Ultra-high-Resolution Orbital Network, is comprised of a series of hundreds of low-orbiting cameras that can make out objects on the ground as small as 1 centimeter in size.
There are so many satellites in this network that they are able to effectively monitor the entire planet’s populated surface without interruption. According to slides Snowden shared, taken from the NSA presentation on SAURON, each spy satellite feeds directly into a data bank so large that it is able to retain the captured imagery indefinitely.
SAURON is also a reference to a villain in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings” trilogy, an evil god of discord who appears in the material world as an ever-searching eye.
Snowden, looking as if he hadn’t slept in weeks, spoke with Internet Chronicle reporters in the transit corridor of Moscow’s Sheremetyevo airport. In a near whisper Snowden said, “It is shocking that the U.S. government would appropriate such evil imagery for a so-called security system like this. There is little doubt that this program – I won’t utter the name here – is not concerned with the security of citizens, but rather, it is a bald grab at power for power’s sake.”

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