maandag 29 juli 2013

Vikings vs Bigfoot

Did the Vikings encountered Bigfoot in Battle?
“Buliwyf’s band establishes that the Wendol are humanoid cannibals who appear as, live like, and identify with bears.” – Wikipedia on Michael Crichton’s description of the cryptids in The 13th Warrior

Is it possible that a 10th century historian could have documented a fierce battle between Vikings and Bigfoot? Ahmad ibn Fadlan was an Arab ambassador that was captured by Vikings during a diplomatic mission, the Vikings allowed him to chronicle their adventures. He called them men of the north and his depiction of a Viking ship burial is often references and considered accurate. Other aspects of his adventures border on the fantastic including a battle with Mist Monsters, or as the Vikings called them the Wendol.

Speculation on the Wendol is all over the place, from pure fiction to the last remaining Neanderthals. Michael Crichton’s, author of Jurassic Park and Westworld, depicts the Wendol in his screenplay, The 13th Warrior, as humanoid cannibals who appear as, live like, and identify with bears. For Doc Vega of, the Wendol may be Bigfoot. Doc Vega has written a five-part series on the topic with commentary that includes references to Dr. Jeff Meldrum, Grover Krantz and heavily on Lloyd Pye.

Read a short excerpt of Doc Vegas 5-part essay suggesting Vikings fought with Bigfoot at Bigfoot Lunch Club your source for Bigfoot News.


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