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Loose Ends in Boston Bombing tied to House of Saud and Haliburton

Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- The Boston Marathon Bombing is being wrapped up. Wrapped up in an official narrative as riddled with omissions and distortions as the 9/11 Commission Report.
The Boston Bombing is also being wrapped up in “official false flag narratives” with a content, that justifies the question whether those who plan a false flag “event” are presumed to be too naive to also disseminate the official “alternative cover-up”.
Its time to step back to ground zero and the initial reports of the Washington Post who reported about a Saudi suspect, and then consider, that even this may in fact be covering up for a much more obvious Saudi connection, which leads directly to the House of Saud and Prince Alwaleed.

Beside that, why is it, that we don´t hear anything about the fact, that the uncle of the purported bombers, or patsies, is a former contractor with ties to Haliburton?
Boston Marathon. Photo via RT
Boston Marathon. Photo via RT

The First Reports, the Saudi National and the “Contractor-Types”.
The first reports, suggesting “foul play” in the Boston Bombing narrative came from sources like LandDestroyer, also published on nsnbc international. In the article “Contractors” at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation, we learned about the presence of apparent security personnel which stood only meters away from the blast site, and who disappeared shortly before the blast.

Shortly afterward they were again photographed, with devices in their hands which could resemble detonators. A car drove up to the finish line of the Marathon, apparently belonging to or related to the “contractor-types”. As it often is the case, the truth is often hidden right before our very eyes, and the key to it, is most likely in one of the first photographs which were circulated in LandDestroyer´s article.

Skull-logo-of-Craft-International2Shortly after the blast, the Washington Post began reporting about a Saudi suspect who was at a hospital. Not long afterward however, the Washington Post and other mainstream media became adamant about the “fact” that the “Saudi national who was injured during the bombing was a witness, not a suspect”.

Contractors, the CRAFT of Manufacturing a False Flag.
Thanks to the fact that alternative media are becoming increasingly awake, aware and professional in their work, and thanks to the fact that the Boston Marathon Bombing was one of the most photographed terrorist attacks ever to be committed on US soil, it became soon possible to identify details about the “contractor-types” uniform, including their caps. Apparently, the logo on the caps tied the “contractor-types” to the security contractor firm Craft International, founded by a Chris Kyle.
Professor James H. Fetzer wrote an in depth editorial, also published on nsnbc international, under the headline “Some hard Lessons from the Boston Bombing. Bombing a Staged Event”. Prof. Fetzer´s brilliant article, describes the background of Craft international, the death of the founder and owner of the company, Chris Kyle, and it reveals apparent attempts to obfuscate some of the photos which were circulated, by photoshopping the CRAFT logo on one of the caps so it was no longer clearly identifiable.

The article also details that the two suspects, whom we will discuss below, most likely have been set up as patsies, comparable to Lee Harvey Oswald in the Kennedy assassination. Prof. Fetzer, a philosopher of science and an expert in logical reasoning, is also asking the hard questions which need to be asked and answered or acted upon. Questions, which could be rephrased into, whether Americans want to reclaim their country from the clutches of fascism and how. What Prof. Fetzer missed, because he was not yet aware of a photo that would be sent to the scribe, is the fact that the Saudi connection was clearly visible, right under everybody´s noses so to speak. One more thing that must be taken into account is, that Craft is selling both caps and clothing via it´s website and anyone could have bought the “contractor-type” outfit on the open market to lead everyone on a wild goose chase. Also this, among many other details warrants a profound investigation.

The Bloodless Amputation. The legs were literally being pulled away under the official narrative.
The man who apparently had lost his legs in the Boston bomb blast turned out to be an Afghanistan veteran and amputee. His name is Nick Voigt. The scribe of this article has been working as volunteer rescue worker and rescue dog handler for years. A person, loosing legs from blast trauma is unconscious after a minute and dead after two.
He certainly won´t be able to sit upright in a wheel chair, minutes later, without any blood gushing out of the stumps, fully conscious. I submit, that it is utterly impossible and would not even have been acceptable at a rescue exercise, where actors or volunteers, for the purposes or training rescue personnel, are carefully instructed, so that their acting confronts the trainee with a realistic scenario.
In another photo, right after the “blast” or smoke bomb”, the Afghanistan veteran and amputee is laying on the ground, while his partner is helping to put the prosthesis with gushing wounds, which are supposed to look as if he had his legs blasted off. Again, no gushing blood.
Had this been a real event, the men would have had blood gushing all over them from the severed femoral venae and arteries. Medical doctors, nurses, rescue personnel and the populations who have bought into the narrative of X people having been killed and Y having been injured would be well advised to have a close look at photo documentations like that of Flickr contributor Hahatango.

Tsarnaev Brothers, The Perfect Patsies, Dead Man Walking and an Uncle with Haliburton Ties.
Approximately simultaneously with the alternative media´s discovering of ever more details which made it clear, that the Boston Marathon Bombing was a false flag and that the official narrative was rapidly falling apart, the message about the purported perpetrators, a couple of brothers with “Chechen” background was released through the mainstream media.

The two brothers, who had come to the USA about ten years earlier were the perfect distraction and they are still, in US, western as well as Russian media described as the perpetrators who committed the grisly acts of murder with a “weapon of mass destruction”. In a less propagandistic language one would say a “smoke-bomb” to lay a smoke screen. However, a camera had apparently caught the two red-handed, but the camera does not reveal anything about their motivation, nor does it reveal anything about who else eventually may have been involved.

Another problem with the story is, that the mother of the two “homegrown Chechen terrorists” stated that the FBI had been observing “every move and step of the two brothers for years”, and that even though the FBI first denied it, the FBI had been in contact with them before.
Moreover, the Russian intelligence service had warned US authorities about the two brothers, that they had become radicalized, and that they had ties to Chechen terrorists. Prof. Michel Chossudovsky, the founder of the Center for Research on Globalization and editor of the globalresearch website has written a detailed article about the “Chechen Connection”, which has been published on nsnbc international. It is highly recommended reading for those interested in US involvement in terrorism directed against Russia. The Tsarnaev brothers were the perfect patsies.

boston bombing live leak

The brothers were not only patsies, but it is highly probable that the elder of the Tsarnaev brothers was murdered after he was arrested. Murdered, by those who have committed the false flag operation or by his handlers. According to the official narrative, the brothers were confronted by law enforcement and a gunfight ensued. During this gunfight, the elder brother was purportedly shot, and subsequently run over by a car, driven by his escaping, carjacking younger brother. It sounds dramatic, and had a dramatic effect on the population, but how realistic is the scenario?

The problem with that story is, that the aunt of the allegedly driven over and killed “terrorist” is swearing that she can recognize and positively identify him as a person who appears in a video, in which he is naked and led to a police car.

The aunt, who apparently is too intimidated to make additional statements, has however, not retracted her statement either, and her statements must be considered as having the status of evidence or at least of indirect evidence through the agancy of the journalist, to whom she reported her observation.
Unless dead men are walking, it is very likely that the man was killed while he was in the custody of law enforcement or in the custody of someone who was posing as law enforcement. Also this detail, among many other, warrants a profound investigation.

The second, younger brother was reportedly found after an army of 5,000 militarized policemen conducted a house to house search or manhunt. The boy was finally discovered, hiding in a small, dry-docked boat in an area called Watertown. Again a gunfight ensued, and an arrest was made. The boy was, according to official reports wounded, shot in the throat and unable to speak. It is to be expected then, that any statements from him would have to be written statements, which is an interesting detail in an on itself.

The by-standing, well propagandized US citizens were, at least if one is to believe TV images, clapping their hands in joy over the successful conclusion of the terrorist door to door hunt, in which police systematically overstepped the civil liberties and rights of hundreds of citizens.

The most important aspect about the involvement of the Tsarnaev brothers however, is the fact that their uncle has been working as a contractor for Haliburton, and this fact seems to be systematically kept out of the mainstream media.

Its like someone wanted to say “Go away ! We have our patsies, don´t you ruin our cover-up by bringing Haliburton into the picture!”. I would submit to the reader, that it is of the utmost importance to follow this lead to the end. One of the reasons for insisting, that this lead has to be followed, is that Haliburton also rings bells with regard to Saudi-Arabia and Chechnya.

Investigative journalist Daniel Hopsicker, who among other is known for his investigation into Rudy Decker´s flight school, where one of the alleged 9/11 hijackers showed that he could not even safely fly a single engine propeller plane, let alone a sophisticated airliner. Hopsicker is one of the few, if not the only one who has written about the Boston – Haliburton connection.

"Uncle" Ruslan Tsarni, working ten years for Haliburton.
“Uncle” Ruslan Tsarni, working ten years for Haliburton.

In his article “Boston Bombers “Uncle Ruslan” was Haliburton Contractor”, Daniel Hopsicker is not only making the case but is backing it up with facts. In his article, Hopsicker documents, that “Uncle” Ruslan Tsarni has had a decade long business relationship with Haliburton.

For those who are unaware of the implications, it is the same Haliburton, the multinational juggernaut, as Hopsicker puts it, which was run by Dick Cheney before he became Vice President of the USA. I would add to Hopsicker, and before he, that is Dick Cheney, became “Commander in Chief of the 9/11 False Flag Operation”. Recommended reading here, would be “Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil, by former LAPD Homicide and Narcotics investigator Michael J. Ruppert who, at the very least, has presented a prosecutable case against Dick Cheney, and who also details the role of Haliburton.

“Uncle” Ruslan Tsarni´s relationship with Haliburton became known after Tsarni´s “condemnation of the atrocities, which allegedly had been committed by his nephews Dzhokhar and Tamerlan Tsarnaev which was widely published in the same “Washington Post”, who suddenly discovered that the Saudi national at the hospital was ” a witness, and not a perpetrator”.

The Hopsicker article is a must read, for everybody who wants to understand how uncle Ruslan Tsarni´s relationship with Haliburton, as well as with USAID, which is a known CIA front and which has been unceremoniously thrown out of Russia for the illegitimate financing and aiding of the opposition to Russia´s President Vladmir Putin, is increasingly becoming discredited as one of the main sponsors or lead dogs of non-state actors, who target “nations or regions of interest” for the USA. Within this context it is also interesting to recall, that there were strong foreign ties to the planned assassination of Russia´s President Vladimir Putin in February 2012.

Many, if not most of these non-state actors, including Chechen “rebels” as the USA until very recently euphemistically described the Al Qaeda associated Chechen “men who went to the forest”, have very close ties to Al-Qaeda and other Wahhabi and Salafist organizations, which are systematically and consistently being sponsored by the main Arab US ally in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia.

Al-Harbi, voluntarily deported to Saudi-Arabia
Al-Harbi, voluntarily deported to Saudi-Arabia

The Saudi National who was not a suspect but a victim, who was classified as dangerous, proven terrorist, but who agreed to be voluntarily deported; A distraction from the real deal ?
The US American journalist Glen Beck came close, very close to reporting the truth about the Saudi involvement – or – he swallowed the decoy, hook, line and sinker, while the real deal, with direct ties to the house of Saud and Prince Alwaleed, who actually took part in the operation, as one of the “contractor-type” guys, who has been right under our noses all along, slipped through the meshes.
In a video, Glenn Back reported, that the Saudi national was a certain Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi. Al-Harbi, a Saudi student, reportedly belongs to a high society Saudi family with close ties to the Saudi royal family.

Alex Jones, Infowars, has issued a video report in which he details the information Glenn Beck published in a more structured, analytic form than in the reports by Beck. The videos are well worth watching.

Among other facts which have transpired, is the fact that Al-Harbi, at least “reportedly” was sufficiently well connected for the Saudi Foreign Minister to intervene. Al-Harbi was reportedly enough of a “person of interest” for both US President Barak Obama and his wife Michelle Obama to become directly involved, to assure, that Al-Harbi was “voluntarily deported” to Saudi Arabia. Now have a look at the boy in the image above. Does he strike you as being a hardened terrorist ? In a certain sense Beck may be reinforcing the false narrative that Al-Harbi is a “bad, bad, bad” person, a reference to the most dangerous classification of terrorists in the USA. Only a real investigation would reveal the real role of Al-Harbi.

After 9/11, after members of the bin Laden family have been flown out of the USA while there was a ban on all flights over the USA. It would not be surprising if Al-Harbi was deported even though he was involved, but was he ? It would not have been surprising either, that the two Tsarnaev brothers would have been used as decoy, as patsies, to cover-up Saudi involvement.

It seems to be the case that also the young, well connected Saudi student Al-Harbi is far from the “Real Deal”. It is of course interesting, that Saudi media report that six of Al-Harbi´s family members are listed as terrorists. On the other hand, in a country which is known to be the worlds largest state sponsor of Wahhabi and Salafist organizations, including many charities and militant organizations with ties to Al Qaeda, and in a country where the term family is equivalent to “extended family or clan”, it is probably not as uncommon to have six members of one´s “family” tied to terrorism as most people would assume it to be.

What turned the tide for me, was an e-mail, which I received from a woman, whose name and identity is known to me, and who previously has been married into a Saudi family. Attached to the e-mail was a collage of photos.

boston saudiThe photo to the left is a cutout of the first photo in the article “Contractors” at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation”, published in LandDestroyer and nsnbc international.
The second photo from the left, featuring the same person, now after the explosion, standing at the opposite side of the street, is a cutout of the second photo in the LandDestroyer article. To find the person in the photo, follow the white line “Now Here”.

The third and fourth photos from the left are featuring the same person. Only, this time, not in Craft international uniform but in civilian clothing, and more importantly, in company of Saudi-Arabia´s Prince Alwaleed. I could be mistaken, I admit. But compare the faces, compare the hairline, and most importantly, compare the ears.

I submit to you, that there is good reason to ask Prince Alwaleed about the identity of the young man in his company in the photo to the right, and to investigate the whereabouts of this young man on the day of the Boston Marathon Bombing. Could it be, that Al-Harbi is a decoy, a patsy to distract our attention, to deflect it away from who the “real” Saudi national is, the one who was reported to be at the scene of the crime ?

There are dozens of loose ends in the official Boston Marathon Bombing narrative, and there are many loose ends in many of the “unofficial” Boston Marathon Bombing and false-flag narratives. It is not at all unlikely that an investigation into Haliburton and the House of Saud will tie the loose ends together.
boston saudi

Source: http://nsnbc.me/2013/04/25/loose-ends-in-boston-bombing-tied-to-house-of-saud-and-haliburton/

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