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Beyond doubt - Carved head photographed by Mars rover

This is so important it will remain at the top of this page until Wednesday. UPDATES WILL FILL IN BELOW THIS TOP POSTED REPORT.

Shills have decided that the way to bury this is to call the teeth Jpeg artefacts. Though Jpeg artefacts can be seen all through the original image from NASA, especially on the teeth, they can be rendered out to show the image they encoded, even if they are awful in the original image. The picture to the left is what can be rendered if you have decent graphics skills, go through the right steps to get rid of the Jpeg squares and then correct the color, contrast, and clarity. It probably cannot be rendered any better than this.

Shills hit this hard because it proves in totally non Kook terms that life really does exist elsewhere and that civilizations off this planet really do exist. For some reason TPTB have decided that this information belongs in the crazy category when it is in fact a cold hard reality. Earth may therefore be a quarantine planet and knowing about other civilizations could
cause problems with that. Why else would this be censored?

Dirt simple steps to correctly render the Mars face image

Here is how you can render the data in the Jpeg blocks FOR FREE, and see that they really did encode the teeth below the Jpeg chatter
1. Download the Gimp image editor. It is free.
2. Download the original Nasa image linked here (it still works).
3. Pull the picture into Gimp. Crop out the face. Under the image tab, choose scale image. Scale the image to 300 percent of original size. There is an interpolation option when scaling the image. You HAVE TO choose Sinc Lancoz 3 because THAT IS THE INTERPOLATION OPTION THAT WILL PRESERVE THE DATA IN THE JPEG PIXELS. IF YOU CHOOSE CUBIC OR LINEAR IT WILL BE LOST.
4. Under the colors tab, open curves. Nasa butchered this image by destroying it's dynamic content, so you have to expand what is there by pulling the line to perfectly match the top and bottom of the image data.
This will render the Jpeg blocks and show you the image data they contain. Anyone can do this. The software is free, and it is simply crop, scale, curves. There is no excuse for the shills to hit this topic and say my render is fake other than to do willful damage and obstruct the truth.
Then, under the filters tab, mouse over enhance and choose the last option "Unsharp mask". Hit the image twice with the default settings. You will get it clear enough to show as it is to the left here. This is better than the two step option I showed people to use earlier. It is not as pretty as my painstaking render that took hours to do, but it is at least enough to make it damn obvious my render IS NOT FAKE.
Now, Why did I just have to type the above? Because NASA did not baby spoon a perfect image to the public, they wanted this hidden, THAT IS WHY. Shills pray on those who need to have everything handed to them in perfect shape from an "official source", and then have that official source tell them what they are looking at OR THEY WILL NOT SEE THE OBVIOUS. Without blind sheeple, the shills would not have a flock.
I originally thought the Mars rovers were a hoax running around the desert in Arizona. This is because there were coins, bones, an obvious animal skull and other things showing up in the Mars rover photos. I thought it was all a psy op. But there are no Aztec style carved heads in North America, especially none based on faces that look like they are white, and because one was photographed by a rover I changed my mind -the rovers really are on Mars and they are driving around the surface of a recently destroyed planet that was very much like Earth not so long ago. There are coins from whatever civilization was there showing up in the rover photos, bones, animal skulls and now this carved head. No doubt about it, Mars was inhabited and the superb condition of the relics that have turned up proves Mars was destroyed only a very short time ago.

Live by the sword?

Monumental productions wrote:

Hi Jim,
Your words, "Live by the sword, die by the sword is a catchy phrase losers use to justify their inaction while they were trampled and enslaved by those who used the sword.", will soon prove more true than most people realize.
They're always pounding into our heads the supposed folly of living by the sword, but how much longer will that hold true? Granted, If you are middle class, white, keep your nose clean, play by the rules and give the sword the thumbs-down, it still seems plausible that the government will leave you alone to get on with your life. But the switch will come on us so suddenly that there won't be time enough to even reach for the sword. It will be total lockdown and off to the camps with us before we knew what hit us. The illusion of having the supposed option for a peaceful and prosperous life if we toe the line and be good boys and girls has done more then anything to disarm us: lulling us into a false sense of security. For the moment I feel far more at risk being armed then not. For the moment, I'm more afraid of the government if I were armed then of armed criminals if I'm not. But I know that does not hold true everywhere and for all time.
Jan 4 2015

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