donderdag 21 maart 2013

5 milljoen varkens dood in China(5 milion pigs death in China)

China Genetic Test Causes Mass Death Catastrophe

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

A shocking report prepared by Health Minister Dr. Veronika Skvortsova for President Putin that is circulating in the Kremlin today states that a Peoples Republic of China genetic test “backfired” and has, instead, caused a catastrophic situation to occur in Anhui Province wherein nearly 5 million swine have died during the past fortnight.

According to this report, Russian health officials became “highly concerned” this past week from reports emerging from the Zabaikalsk-Manzhouli border crossing that a crisis was occurring in Anhui Province and that over 85,000 Peoples Liberation Army troops had descended upon this area located in eastern China across the basins of the Yangtze and Huai Rivers.

Russian concerns were further heightened, Minister Skvortsova says, after at least 50 aircraft operated by the Beijing Weather Modification Office saturated a large portion of Anhui Province, specifically Shexian County, covering this area with what is described as a “mysterious sea of clouds.”

The reason for this unprecedented Chinese weather modification event, this report continues, was to conceal this area from Western satellite coverage so as to allow for the “removal and/or destruction” of millions of dead swine by the tens-of-thousands Peoples Liberation Army troops still streaming into this region.

Not all of Beijing’s efforts, however, have been successful in covering up this catastrophe, Minister Skvortsova says, as nearly 15,000 of these dead swine have already fouled the rivers of this region reaching as far as Shanghai.

Chinese authorities, seeking to quell the rising fears of their peoples, have noted that this region breeds around 7 million swine annually, and though stating that public health is not endangered, they did say that the cause of this mass-death event was “complicated.”

Minister Skvortsova, though, in her report notes that this mass-death event is “strongly related” to Chinese efforts to mass produce a psychotropic drug called Cerebrolysin made from a solution of small proteins and amino acids purified from swine brain tissues.

Cerebrolysin is currently approved in 44 countries worldwide, for stroke, dementia, and traumatic brain injury and is currently in Phase 3 trials in multiple countries in Europe. Because it has to be given in regular intravenous infusions it is impractical for use on a large scale and is manufactured by a single company named Ebewe Pharmaceutical.

Chinese researchers from West China Hospital in Chengdu have been at the forefront of Cerebrolysin research, this report continues, specifically in its ability to alter the mental states (pacify) of those taking it, and have been seeking a method of increasing its output from swine using genetic modification technology.

So promising was China’s research into Cerebrolysin, Minister Skvortsova says, its manufacturer, Ebewe Pharmaceutical, was acquired by Sandoz in 2009, and which itself is a subsidiary of the multinational pharmaceutical giant Novartis.

Sandoz is, also, the world's second largest generic drug company and maker of the mind altering drugs Clozaril, Mellaril and Serentil. Sandoz was also known for one of its scientists, Albert Hofmann, who synthesized LSD in 1938 and by 1949 was marketing it as a psychiatric drug under the trade name Delysid.

Chinese researchers Dr Yutao Du and Prof Shutang Feng announced this past November that the physiological similarities of swine to humans was maintained at a genetic level with 84 percent homology between the two species, leading Minister Skvortsova to speculate, based on standardized breeding models [A female pig can become pregnant at around 8-18 months of age. She will then go into heat every 21 days. Male pigs become sexually active at 8-10 months of age. A litter of piglets typically contains between 6 and 12 piglets], that the mass-death of swine now occurring in China shows a “strong correlation” to a “genetic test” having gone horribly wrong.

In further speculation, but offering no direct evidence, Minister Skvortsova further states in her report that the only three causes of such mass-death events in domestic food animals ever recorded are drastic weather conditions, disease or genetic testing; and with no evidence, so far, showing either weather or disease to be the cause, that then leaves only genetic testing as the logical reason for this mass-death event.

To the exact method used by Chinese scientists causing the mass-deaths of these millions of swine, Minister Skvortsova says, appears to be similar to those of US researchers blamed last year for the mass-deaths of cattle in Texas.

Preliminary tests on the Texas mass-death event revealed that the grass, an altered form of Bermuda grass known as Tifton 85, had mysteriously begun producing cyanide gas. The grass suspected of killing these cattle is not a GMO in the sense that food activists typically use, a Western report says, though it is a scientifically modified hybrid of African Bermuda grass and an earlier hybrid grass, Tifton 68 and while it was not developed through some of the more controversial gene splicing methods used in GMOs —such as, say injecting fish genes into tomatoes — it is technically considered a genetically modified plant.

Most ominous in this report is Minister Skvortsova’s summary wherein she warns that with this latest mass-death being linked to genetic testing, and when coupled with the mass-deaths of bees worldwide now being linked to genetic crops, and the mass-deaths of bats in the US being lined to GMOs too, the true horrors of what is being done to our world by genetic modification of natural organisms could very well lead to an extinction level

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