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Men In Black

5:51 PM

Q.Thank you for the giving of your gift. On a subject that has been around for years.. Men in Black. Are they real? 
A. When I first think of Men in Black, I see images of people both protecting alien work, and also protecting and cover aliens that walk amongst us.  When I think about their work, I get a sense of being underground, the exterior looks like a rocky mountain and you enter what looks like a cave, but then after you go so far back it takes on this medical like, sterile environment.  And what is strange is I see certain aliens being use in experiments as if they are being dissected and trying to be understood, how they work...some look to be dissected at just a normal temperature, but then others take on this frosty appearance as if they have been frozen, but when they come out of being frozen it looks like some kind of steam is released from them before the experiments can continue.  It is like their inner core remains warm, but their outer shell is frozen.

If I were to describe the aliens, in some sense I want to call them a grasshopper.  They look taller than the average human, probably 7-8 ft in height total.  Dark skinned, like dark grey or black, they have two thick antennas on their head that are almost like horns, they have two flaps on the back of their head as if that is where hair would be.  Their bodies are lean, very thin like no fat on them at all.  I get this sense from looking at their back that they could fly, it looks like a shell on their back, like a very streamlined turtle shell that knows how to split apart and that is what they use to fly.  Their arms are boney, they look to have three long fingers and a thumb, and their feet are like three toes and a thumb.  I get a sense that they can use their hands and feet for the same functions.

The ones that they are working on have no clothes.  Humans are working on them, the humans are the men in black.

Q. Who are they?
A. First I get the phrase "Men in Black" really is untrue because a lot of the men in black underground really wear a white lab coat, like I hear laughing about that like it is funny.  Then I get that the MIB above ground that work with and help to disguise aliens above ground, are highly intelligent, but most take on a very mundane appearance, and then I see like this beach bum with a knitted hat on.  

I feel like I want to go back to that underground scene....because one odd thing that I keep focusing on is not only are these MIB working on aliens to understand them better, but it like different alien species are working with the MIB as well...And then I see a Jim Henson muppet that looks like a grey walking around in a lab coat, and I just get a sense that not only do we or they try to understand the aliens, but other aliens work with us to so that we can understand each other.  I feel like the ones that are nice to humans are allowed to walk more free or at least in disguise, but the ones that have a negative outlook on humans are the ones that they stop, referring to the MIB, and I feel like these "grasshopper" for lack of a better work, aliens, have a very malicious undertone and part of the experiment is to try to figure out why they are that way.  Like something in their brain is underdeveloped or...they lack a piece of their brain that hold emotion or feelings. And it looks like other aliens are just as curious as what we are and that is why they help us, because they have the superior technology as well and they teach us about their technology as we conduct these experiments on other aliens.

Q. Where do they come from if not from Earth? 
A.  I see the MIB like a, i want to say secrete society, but for good.  Some are human, some are alien with a human shell, and some are a hybrid of both.  The thing is I do not see the alien part of the MIB being unique to only one species.  I feel like there are like 10 different species intermingled in this.  

Q. Who runs the show?
A. I want to say something like....lucar...L U C A R.  And I can describe him, he looks tall probably 7 feet tall, he is thin, I feel like his skin would be like a frog, and he gave me a weird look when I said that, not angry just strange...He has pointy ears, he almost always uses telepathy to talk, he knows how to speak but then he is like why would you do that if you did not  have to.  It is so much easier to think your thoughts.  He has like a wide flat nose, I almost feel like I could look up his nostrils by just staring straight at him, he has like brownish-green eyes, and that is really mostly what I see, I am stuck on his face.

Q. Are they aliens monitoring earth's activities?
A. I get that they do monitor earth, but more than the materialistic things, the thing that is very troubling is like how people in society treat each other, and then I get some message about...when humans were created, they were given the gift of...like emotion and empathy and feelings, but yet we treat each other horribly and we do not use these beautiful gifts that we were given.  It is like they are saying we should be ashamed of that, because many of the aliens are envious of that, referring to the gifts, because those gifts are things that they to used to have but they sort of lost that as they spiritually evolved, and what they have are memories of how that felt, but they cannot experience those same feelings anymore.

Q. Do they appear in other countries besides our own?
A.  I get that they are all over the world, but there are just some locations that have a higher concentration, and then I get that all over the entire world there might only be 250 of these MIB.

Q. How do they know to show up in a certain place at a certain time? 
A.  I get that most, but not all of the MIB, are able to talk mentally to one another, therefore if a situation even has a certain feel about it, it is like they are so connected that they can mentally explain what is going on and if need be, be able to respond.

Q. Can you give an example of a situation in which they would need to respond?
A.  What I see happening is MIB who was walking down a street, he sees some kind of a robbery or something happening, and they walk over to where this situation was going down to see if they could help or see what was happening, I get a sense that they are not fearful, and when the police arrive they start asking a lot of question to the Man in Black, and he is trying to be polite and police want to take him to the station for a report.  And for some reason, his counterparts who were tuned into this situation did not want that to happen, and if feels like out of nowhere these guys in a black SUV show up and it almost looks like a scene from a movie, because they jump out of the SUV, they flash their badges at the cop and they say we got it from here, and they take the Man in Black and leave.  Then the cop looks completely dumbfounded, almost like some kind of a Jedi Mind trick was pulled on him.  Then I see inside the SUV and it looked like the two men that came to the rescue were scolding the guy, and just said you have to be more careful.  It is like they are so obvious about their existence, but yet discrete.  And then I hear the phrase "That they hide in plain sight"

Q.  What are their day to day duties?
A.  The image I get is of superman, and then I see it is like they are pretending to be normal people, with normal jobs, but they always choose jobs that they can seem to disappear if need be.  And then it is like they do this undercover covert stuff on the side.

Q.  Is the president aware of these MIB, and in what time were humans included in this secret society?
A.  I get that the president is aware, and he has even met some of them, and I get that he is actually a little scared of them.  They have never given him a reason to be intimidated, but they feel he is intimidated, as far a humans, I get that humans were accepted when aliens bread with us.

Q.  How long ago?
A.  I am getting a picture of a 5K sign so I would say 5000 years ago.

Q.  How are they recruited?
A.  I don't know the message I get is you don't find us, we find you, which feels vague, but I feel I am blocked from knowing how they do it.  It feels like it has something to do with your dreams.  I see a person sleeping, and they have those thought bubbles above their head, and it feels that they are tapped into those dream thoughts.

Q. Are they time travelers from the future, if so why?
A.  The said that the future, is a term that humans made up....but really the past, present, and future are happening simultaneously, and the MIB call of it time.  It is just relative to what you're viewing perspective is, so there really is no future. per se. 

6:38 PM 

Strange comment I found when searching for images for this blog.

Unless you're a 4 dimensional being just like the one in MIB III and can exist in all times, past, present and future simultaneously

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