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15 Fruits And Veggies You Can Secretly Grow Inside Your Home

Distractify | Don’t let cold or bad weather stop you from gardening any longer! You can grow all these fruits and veggies from inside your own home.

1. Red and White Grapes

Some varieties of grape vines (Vitis vinifera) grow well indoors, especially dessert grapes that require warm temperatures to ripen. Grapes grow well in a Mediterranean climate, and they do their best outdoors in USDA plant hardiness zones 6 through 9. Gardeners who live outside of these zones can grow grapes indoors in a greenhouse or warm and sunny room.
Many dessert grapes, including popular “Muscat of Alexandria” and “Black Hamburgh” grapes, grow well indoors. Other types of grapes can also grow indoors, and experts at the University of Vermont recommend using varieties that produce fruit close to the trunk for planting in pots.
Some varieties that do well in pots include “Early Muscat,” “Seyval,” “Canadice,” “Interlaken” and “Swenson Red.” The warm indoor temperatures help them ripen and become sweet.
Grape vines have deep roots, so they need somewhat large pots. In 5-gallon pots, grape plants will be able to support 10 to 15 clusters once they mature. In larger pots they will be able to support more. Grapes require soils with good drainage.
To prevent the roots from sitting in water, choose pots with plenty of drainage holes and place a layer of gravel in the bottom of the pot.
Grapes need full sunlight or light shade throughout the day. They will grow best when placed in a sunny greenhouse or next to a south-facing window indoors. In an indoor location without full sun, a plant light during the day can help ensure that grapes get enough light.
Put them near a brick wall, shelf or other support system that the vines can climb. (Homeguides)

2. Celery

Grow celery from a leftover bottom. You’ll need to replant this in soil. Here’s the tutorial.

3. Bok Choy

You grow this one the same way you grow celery!

4. Scallions

These grow from their own roots! Make sure you water every day and they should grow within a week. Here’s a full guide.

5. Lemon Grass

Using old lemongrass roots, you can grow some in about three weeks. Here’s  a good guide to make this veggie that is perfect for smoothies!

6. Basil

You can grow basil from basil cuttings with this guide.

7. Eggplant

Eggplants do well growing in containers, they need adequate lighting and enough space for their roots to grow. Here’s how.

8. Cayenne Peppers

Peppers grow indoors similarly to eggplants. In addition, they need to be in a warm enough temperature to really thrive. Here’s a guide.

9. Garlic Sprouts

Sprouts can grow from a garlic clove. Here’s a tutorial.

10. Romaine Lettuce

Keep the bottom head of an old lettuce to grow a new one! Put it in soil so the leaves grow twice the size. Here’s the tutorial.

11. Ginger Roots

This one takes more time than others but is really simple and low-key. Ginger roots grow from their old roots, here’s how.

12. Onions

Put your old onion root into a pot of soil and watch a new onion grow. Learn how!

13. Pinapple

You can regrow a pineapple from it’s crown! Follow this tutorial to do so.

14. Tomatoes

You can use either containers or deep pots for these. Here’s how to grow.

15. Carrots

Carrots are one of the easiest to grow. Follow these steps and you’ll be snacking on them in no time.

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