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Ancient Relic From Atlantis Found

The Atlantean Orb? Did Atlantis even exist? And if so, are there any artifacts still remaining to be found that would prove the existence of this ancient civilization? According to a discovery made in 1970, the answer would seem to be yes. This is the year that the supposed Atlantean Orb was first discovered. 

The story starts in 1970 when Ray Brown was on a scuba diving expedition with some friends near the Bahamas. The team had dived in the area of the Bahamas numerous times in search of treasure from sunken Spanish ships and was looking for this same thing in a new location. The team made their way out to sea near Andros Island and was heading out to an area of the ocean called the "tongue of the ocean". This is an area of the ocean where the bottom drops down to considerable depths and is about 100 miles from Bimini Island. According to Mr. Brown, the team arrived at their planned dive site which was about 20 miles from the "tongue". They were all excited about diving at this location as a recent storm had gone through the area so any treasures buried under the sand could now be possibly exposed for them to retrieve. 

As soon as the team made the dive, they encountered murky waters from the storm but upon reaching the sea floor, the team was able to make out several buildings and stone structures that according to Mr. Brown appeared Egyptian in style. The area was in total ruins but very ancient in style and appeared to be a sunken city. The area was pretty large in size and Brown ended up getting separated from his fellow divers. This is where Brown claims he came upon a sunken pyramid that the only thing he could make out was the top of the capstone. Brown decided to swim down to explore the pyramid further and came upon an entrance actually into the pyramid itself. After passing through a narrow hallway, Brown claims he came upon a small room with a pyramid style roof. Amazingly, the room contained no animal life, no algae and no coral anywhere on its walls or its waters.

This is where the story takes an ever weirder turn. Even though he was inside a pyramid and was underwater at least more than 100 feet, Brown claims that he was able to see (he had no flashlight or other light source so it should have been pitch black) clearly but was not sure exactly how he was able to do it. What Brown seen inside was the most amazing thing though. In the center of the room was a carved stone pedestal that two burnt looking bronze hands were holding a 3 and a half inch crystal sphere. Directly on top of this was a brass looking rod which had a red gem at the end of it. This rod and gem were approximately 4 feet in distance from where the hands were holding the crystal sphere. Brown tried at first to dislodge the rod and gem but neither would budge. The only item he was able to grab was the small crystal sphere (the Atlantean Orb) that he said was easily pulled from the the two bronze hands. He immediately returned to the surface, rejoining his team and showed them his find. Not one of the other divers witnessed the pyramid and to this date, no one has been able to find the sunken city or the pyramid again even though Brown knows and has told the exact coordinates to others.

At first, Brown did not disclose his findings to the public due to fear of confiscation and did not even show off the Atlantean Orb until 1975. To this date, he has only shown off the Atlantean Orb less than ten times. Many people see or experience weird phenomenon when they look at the orb including seeing 3 pyramids inside of it, enter into a meditative state or envision a fourth pyramid. There are many other mysterious and strange phenomenon that are supposed to happen with the sphere and these can be found here:www.stonesofbrasil.com/atlantean_orb_jewelry.html

So, is this small crystal sphere termed the Atlantean Orb actually from Atlantis, hold strange powers or could it just be a modern day design? According to the Smithsonian Institute the technology needed to cut quartz with this precision was not developed until after 1900 so if the Atlantean Orb is indeed from Atlantis then we our definitely not the first technological civilization here on Earth and have only now began to replicate what has already occurred thousands of years ago. A strange yet not so sobering thought ........
Source: Ancient Relic From Atlantis Found - News - Bubblews

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