maandag 17 juni 2013

Syrian Girl: The Looting Of Syria – Sex & Organ Trafficking, Oil & Artifacts Theft

Syrian Girl joins us in the video below to tell us what is really going on in Syria while Barack Obama and the neocons, led by Al-Qaeda supporter, war criminal and terrorist John McCain, prepare to attack a sovereign nation and ignite World War 3 based upon more lies. With Russia and Iran on record as supporting Syria, why is Barack Obama supporting Al-Qaeda at the risk of starting a ‘nuclear armaggedon’ that could leave few survivors? Whenever these clowns in Washington DC get into a bit of ‘hot water’ and their empire begins to implode, you can be sure they’ll start the next war to try to get them out of it and get America further into debt and eternal slavery to the banks and bankers. No wonder Matt Drudge’s tweets yesterday were so ominous; he knows WW3 looms. Look at his headlines.

A miniature documentary on some of the ways Syria has been raped and pillaged.
-The looting of Oil and Industry
-The Sex trafficking of women
- Organ trafficking
- Trafficking of Artifacts

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