maandag 12 augustus 2013

US Currency Revised in 1996 to Depict 9-11 Attack!

(Left, Folded US denominations dating from 1996) 
Illuminati Private Joke: reader "Betsy McGee" has discovered that the view of the World Trade Center was framed by the Washington Square Monument.

When folded, the new 1996 versions of US $5, $10, $20, $50 and $100 bills actually show the demolitions and the scene afterward from this vantage point. Watch "McGee's" new youtube
before you dismiss this discovery. The tip off was in a Simpson's episode.

Part Two expands on Part One.

I asked Betsy how she made this incredible discovery. Here is her reply:

(Bills with actual 9-11 scenes ghosted into them.)

"The images on the bills... they're just... there! I've been seeing them since around 2007 when I "woke up", but they've been on the bills since the 1996 series... well before they even committed the acts...

"Honestly? I was just hoping all these years that someone else would see this and put it "out there" before me, but as I watched, year after year and it didn't happen, the fire? Urge? To offer this up to my fellow man became more intense..."

View from Washington Square Monument
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