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Russian Stonehenge ... tonehenge/

In the Kemerovo region of Russia have found a giant wall consisting of several rectangular blocks of stone. Scientists compared to Stonehenge or the Egyptian pyramids.

The property, according to preliminary calculations could date back more than a hundred thousand years ago, has a height of nearly forty meters and extends about two hundred meters on a mountain Shoria sector.


The wall consists of ‘bricks’ which range between 5 and 7 feet high by 20 long. Each block weighs over a thousand tons, and ensure that the expedition of these rectangular blocks are scattered on the slopes of the surrounding mountains, according to the Russian newspaper Rossiiskaya Gazeta ’.


Scientists have two versions about the origin of ‘Russian Stonehenge’. First, it could have been built by an ancient civilization with today inaccessible technologies, since it is very difficult to explain otherwise how they managed to raise the blocks up a hill 1,200 meters above sea level.


The second version suggests that these megaliths emerged as the result of geological processes associated to strong weathering of the rock of the mountain Shoria. It is known that the first shipments of geologists in these areas were conducted in 1991. According to one of the leaders of this expedition finding author Georgy Sidorov, “we saw exceeded all our expectations.” “We found a wall built with large granite blocks, some of which reach a length of 20 meters and a height of 6 meters. Interestingly, the megalithic masonry sometimes alternated with polygonal masonry. At the top of the wall , we saw traces of an ancient stone fusion. was clear to us that the structure had suffered powerful thermonuclear explosions or any other. “ After unfolding a strange cyclopean construction built vertically on a giant basement rocks appeared. They all came to the conclusion that it was an old powerhouse, because in some places the vertical plates of the capacitor had been blocked by powerful horizontal blocks. After photographing the strange buildings down to camp. It was clear to everyone that we dealt with something mysterious and very old. “ The next expedition is planned for next summer, when specialists plan to bring special equipment to help study their findings in more detail.

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