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Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity - Book Review - This remarkable book entitled "Ancient Aliens In Australia: Pleiadian Origins of Humanity" by Bruce Fenton with co-authors, will help you remember your ancestry from the stars!
Did extra-terrestrials visit Australia in the remote past? 
Could it be that they genetically enhanced the resident human population?
Are there sacred sites dotted around Australia that date back to this ancient contact event?
What are the wise elders of the Original Australian population saying about their understanding of human origins and 'Sky Heroes'?

"Ancient Aliens In Australia" examines these questions thoroughly and delivers scientific data that proves Australia was the first land to host modern humans, not Africa.
Interpretations of ancient engravings tell an amazing story of an ET contact event in the remote past.

Be prepared to rethink all you thought about your ancient ancestors and their level of understanding regarding the cosmos.
Your view of human origins and our cultures place in the universe will be forever changed!
For two centuries the Original people of Australia kept most of their knowledge and wisdom a closely guarded secret.

They had learned not to trust members of the invading culture that had decimated their homeland.
All the while they waited for a time when the world would be ready to know their truth to listen to their Dreaming. That time has now come and many Original elders are sharing their deepest ancient lore with two bold researchers - Steven Strong and his son Evan Strong.

Wall of Kariong Glyphs - There are about 300 hieroglyphs carved into the hardest of all four types of sandstone found in this region. Some can be found more than 4 metres up the side of a vertical wall. Photo Credits: Evan Strong (Photographer), 2012.

This shared effort to rebirth the ancient spiritual truths is called "Wirritjin (Black-fella White-fella Dreaming).
And so, with revelations have come the locations of numerous ancient megalithic constructions around the continent and and engraved history of extraterrestrial contact in the remote past.

The book "Ancient Aliens In Australia" is a fantastic read, which re-examine all fascinating Dreamtime stories and... gives you even more!
It will take you on a modern Australian shaman journeying to meet with the Ancient Alien Sky Heroes themselves and reveal incredible details of the ET races that have interacted with Earth, such as Pleiadians, Greys and Reptilians…and their agendas.

After examining the archaeological, mythological and metaphysical evidence, the authors demonstrate that there is now good reason to accept the Original Australian people's account of human origins, one that states their culture has interacted with extra-terrestrial beings.
Steven Strong is an Australian-based researcher, historian, author and former teacher with a background in archaeology. He has spent many years learning and living with the Bundjalung and Gumilaroi people of Northern NSW. Evan Strong has a background in the Social Sciences, his Degree major was psychology, archaeology/anthropology and counselling/mediation.
Evan is an author, researcher, historian and webmaster. Bruce Fenton is a British researcher of ancient mysteries and investigator of supernatural phenomena. He is known for research of the Ecuadorian Lost City of Giants. Daniella Fenton is an Australian psychic medium and initiated shamaness. She has a background in business and tourism, and is a successful horse broker.

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