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Remarkable Stone Depicting Ancient Alien Star Map Discovered At Mount Of Satan, Indonesia - Did ancient aliens deliberately leave a star map on our planet?
The signs and patterns on this remarkable ancient stone resemble an alien star map!
Is it once again proof of that our ancestors were more advanced than we previously thought or is the object of extraterrestrial origin?
In 1992, this baffling artifact was discovered in a cave on the Devil Hills (or Mount of Satan) in Kupang, East Nus Tenggara, Indonesia by C.A. Castillo, a geology researcher from Kupang.

East Nus Tenggara, Kupang Indonesia
He'd been exploring the cave at night, when he suddenly came upon a strange pile of rocks, where he found the stone. Castillo, died of illness in 1994, but the mysterious stone is still kept by his family.
As you can see on the images, the rocks were fused together. The stone's surface contains several strange unexplained carvings.

Some of these carvings look like stars, the Sun, arrows pointing in every direction and humanoid figures.The bonded rocks contain carvings which seem to show a possible star system and a message similar to the one used on the Pioneer 10 spacecraft, launched in 1972.
The star system depicted on the stone contains seven planets and a Sun.

Carving on the stone compared to message on the Pioneer 10 spacecraft.

Even more interesting is the fact that the stone has magnetic properties which manifest anytime the rock is in close proximity to anything electrical.

The stone is estimated to be thousands of years.
How did this mysterious stone end up in the cave on the Devil Hills? Who were the unknown creators of these enigmatic carvings? Is it possible ancient aliens left the relic behind as a memory of their visit on Earth? Is the star system their place of origin?
This puzzling relic raises more questions than answers.
We can conclude that until further analysis is completed on the strange stone, we can only speculate on what its true nature is and who left it behind.

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